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This is my daughter’s newly decorated bedroom at the cottage. We painted the walls, moved the furniture around, hung some kids’ artwork and wow, what a difference it made! 

kids' bedroom after the makeover - colorful accessories are key when decorating a child's room

As you can see it was desperately in need of a makeover. When we bought our cottage, we literally unpacked our bags and started enjoying it the way it was, knowing that one day we’d renovate it. We finally did it this past summer.

When decorating a child’s room, I like to stick with a modest budget, since I’ll likely be redecorating again in a few years as their needs and tastes change. The challenge in this room was the awkward opening in the wall. The previous owners used it as closet storage space and my kids used it to store their toys and stuffies. When renovating, we kept the “weird” space, but thought we’d use it more creatively.

Kids bedroom

Now, the “hole in the wall” plays double duty. It’s used as a reading nook and also as extra sleeping space when young kids come visit. A bed rail and bedding are stored in a wicker trunk across from the bed. To add playfulness to the nook, we designed a tree using wall decals. The nook has been a huge hit with all the little ones visiting us.

Reading nook

The room is fairly small, but it feels and looks much larger than it is, thanks to a high sloping ceiling and a large window. Changing the wall colour from cream to a crisp white also helped to open up the space.

Re-arranging the furniture was critical in this small room. I moved the bed to the other wall, making it easier to access the window and the reading nook. I also took out the room divider and white rocking chair to make room for a small end table and wicker trunk to store extra toys and bedding. 


On the wall across from the reading nook, I framed and hung some of my girls’ art pieces in inexpensive IKEA plastic frames. They add color to the room and they’re safe if they accidentally crash to the floor. Even though my girls are all grown up, they love seeing their masterpieces hanging on the wall, and so do I.

Kids bedroom

Wall art

I hung the “forest and blue sky” masterpiece right above the bed. Its colors match the ones from the polka dot pillow, and it adds a jolt of life to the white wall. The tabletop lamp base lets light through, helping to keep the small space light and airy.


Since taking the pictures above, I moved the red framed drawing above the red dresser, which is almost electrifying. It says ‘kids room’ even more than it did before, and it’s a real focal point when entering the room.

Kids bedroom style=

Overall, this newly transformed bedroom is fun, bright and colorful; a perfect retreat for kids. Rearranging the furniture made the room so much more functional. Treating the awkward recessed space in the wall just like it was part of the overall design plan was more affordable than patching it over. Combined, these changes helped me create a whole new look for the kids’ room while keeping the budget low.

What are your secrets for decorating a child’s room without breaking the bank?

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