7 Reasons Why Couples Should Not Hang Pictures Together

Couple arguing

Put up your hand if you’ve said any of the following things about hanging pictures with your partner or spouse:

  1.  “I can’t hang pictures with my husband because every time I do, we end up fighting.”
  2. “I have to wait till my partner is in the right “mood” to ask for help to hang a picture or two.”
  3. “My husband and I don’t talk to each other for hours after hanging stuff on walls because we’re so frustrated with each other!”
  4. “My wife insists that I be the one to hammer the nails in so she can blame me if the art is hanging crooked.”
  5. “My husband and I are terrified of putting holes in our new walls! We usually only get the nerve to do it when we find that we are forced to for example; when company or our parents are coming over.”
  6. “It’ll take me 3 months to decide on where to hang artwork; meanwhile my husband has a tendency to hammer without thinking – You can just imagine the friction between the two of us when we hang pictures together.”
  7. “My husband usually hangs things on his own and then just asks me “lower? Higher?”  As it stands, we moved into our house over two years ago and about half of our artwork is still sitting in the storage room.”

It’s a common complaint: both women and men do not like to hang pictures with their partners because the experience inevitably ends in hard feelings. Plus, the artwork is hard to enjoy if every time you look at it you’re reminded of the argument that came with hanging it up.

Hanging pictures doesn’t have to be a recipe for disaster or a one-way ticket to couples counselling. The arguments can be avoided all together when you have the right tool to get the job done. Meet Hang & Level. This tool finds the exact location to hang pictures without any complicated measuring. It’s so easy to use that from now on, you won’t have to wait for your partner to be in the right mood to hang pictures — you can do it all by yourself!

Happy argument-free hanging!

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