7 easy ways to transition your home from Summer to Fall

After Labor Day when the weather gets cooler I start putting summer accessories away and replace them with warmer ones. Since Fall means spending more time indoors, I cozy up the house with chunky throws, area rugs, warm cushions and other Fall-ish décor. With these 7 easy steps I quickly get the house ready to enjoy the chillier weather. Here’s what I do!

1. Area rugs

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In the Summer time, I roll up the area rugs, have them cleaned (if needed) and take them out again in the Fall. Since I have an open floor plan, the rugs help define areas – but most importantly they create a nice soft warm layer between the cold floors and feet.

2. Throws & cushions

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I switch out light fabric throws for heavier and more textured ones. The same applies to throw pillows, and in some cases, I just change the pillow covers – it’s a great space saver considering that I already have a closet full of pillows.

Design tidbit: Chunky knit throws like this one are a big trend this season; throws with tassels and pom poms are also very popular.

3. The fireplace

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Since we don’t use our gas fireplace in the Summer time, we turn off the pilot light which saves energy and money too. We re-ignite it in the fall, so the fireplace is ready to heat up the space when we are.

4. Lots of candles

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In my opinion you can never have too many candles. They add a soft warm glow to any room, they’re elegant and they’re a great stress reliever on those tough days. I make arrangements of different heights to create interesting table top displays throughout the house.

5.  Add a tablecloth

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Our table top always feels cold during the Winter months so I like to drape the table with a tablecloth. It adds warmth, texture and color to the dining room. At meal time, I set placemats or use chargers to catch any spills and avoid having to wash the tablecloth every day.

6. Warm sheets & blankets

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Whether you live in cold climates (like I do) or you enjoy sleeping with the windows wide open, soft flannel sheets, heavy comforters and throw blankets help make the bedroom feel extra cozy. Thin bed sheets get washed, ironed and put away during the Fall and Winter months.

7. The front porch

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Hanging a wreath on the front door is an easy way to add a little bit of seasonal color to your home – it’s also very welcoming.

By the time Labor Day rolls in, I’m ready to trade my sandals for boots and my Summer décor for Fall-ish accessories. Change is good, and helps keep things fresh.

Do you have any Fall rituals? I’d love to hear from you, please share in the comment box below.

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