14 reasons why I love you: Valentine surprise

Of course there are more than 14 reasons why I love my partner, but 14 seemed the appropriate number for the occasion. For me, Valentine’s Day isn’t so much about what a gift costs as how creative and heartfelt it is. So for this Valentine’s Day I’ve recycled tiny tins I used previously for an advent calendar into a fun surprise Valentine gift for my partner Kelly.

love notes are an easy-to-make surprise Valentine gift

I’ve always loved Chinese fortune cookies, not so much for the cookies themselves, but for the surprise wisdom hiding in each one. This was my inspiration for making Valentine love tins.


I thought of doing a countdown to Valentine’s Day just like we do with an advent calendar, but given the fact that Kelly is often out of town, that plan wouldn’t work. Instead, I’m giving him all of the tins together and having him open them in order from 1 to 14.

Each tin holds a short message to express what he means to me or to thank him for the little things he does for me that I often take for granted. Tin number 14 is hiding a special surprise. Some of you might find this a little too “lovey-dovey,” but isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?


I know his heart will melt when he reads the surprise fortunes. I’ll also surprise him with a home cooked meal (which is rare these days since we’ve been crazy busy with work), wine and a movie will also be on the menu for the evening. No dining at a restaurant for me; a relaxing evening at home is what I prefer.

Happy early Valentine’s Day!

P.S. Je t’aime Kelly! XOXO


Are you planning any Valentine’s surprises for someone special in your life?

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