10 Fall porch decorating ideas to add instant curb appeal

Outdoor decorating is a great way to appreciate each season and helps keep your outdoor décor fresh. I personally love decorating my front porch; it’s welcoming and inviting when family and friends come over. Keep the look simple by placing a few pumpkins on your front steps, or add layers with seasonal plants and tall grass to create a more elaborate look. Whatever your style, mix and match ideas from each of the following photos to create a décor that suits your house, your personality and your budget.

1. The purple door

Pumpkins purple door

Here’s the front porch of our purple door family cottage. This décor took only minutes to put together. The geranium planter was already there, leftover from the summer. I added white pumpkins to brighten up the look and a tall battery-operated candle that casts a soft (and safe) glow no matter what the weather is like.

2. The power of orange

Photo source

Grouping items of a same color together creates a very impactful display.  The orange pumpkins and mums are a powerful color combination that screams Fall.

3. The white house 

Photo source 

This all-white farmhouse is the perfect neutral background for any Fall color. There are no worries about colors clashing with the siding – mixed plants and colors look fresh against the white.

4. “Fall” is the word 

Photo Source

There’s no need to spell out the word Fall to create a Fall looking display but in this case, it’s whimsical. Combined with bright mums and miniature white pumpkins, the look is simple and cozy.

5. Red and orange

Photo Source

If you want to impress your neighbours and can afford to buy lots of pumpkins, go for this look. The red and orange is a rich and intense color combination that will get lots of attention.

6. The rockers

Photo source 

I have a soft spot for rocking chairs on a porch, I find them so inviting and dreamy. Draped with matching throws and decorated with bright cushions, it created a warm and cozy spot to enjoy a lazy Fall evening.

7. A little bit of everything

Photo Source 

This porch has it all: mums, pumpkins (big and small), cornstalk, wreath, rocking chair, cushion, and an apple basket – and somehow it all works well together.

 8. Blue and white 

Photo Source 

The symmetrical display of bright white mums and pumpkins brighten up the narrow front porch of this pretty baby blue door house.

9. The minimalistic look

Photo Source 

Why carve a pumpkin when you can paint on it? It’s very simple, and although acrylic paint was used in this case, a fat Sharpie with a chunky chisel point tip could also work. It would be even simpler to use than paint.

10. The GIANT wreath

Photo Source

This giant wreath flanked by identical rocking chairs is a definite focal point on the porch. The look is farmhouse country chic.

Which one of these looks if your favourite?

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