1-day bedroom makeover on a budget
Despite a tight budget and very little time, we were able to transform this teenager’s bedroom into a mature grown-up space that is serene and restful. This one-day makeover was achieved simply by rearranging the furniture, adding new pillows, and by borrowing a few accessories from other rooms in the house.

We started by moving the bed in front of the windows, which made the bedroom look more spacious and created a strong focal point. We kept all of the existing bedding and simply replaced the colorful purple duvet with a large white throw we bought at IKEA. Adding cushions with earthy colors, combined with a Buddha and greenery, helped create a peaceful resting space. In the “before” picture, the night table was hiding beside the bed, now it draws attention and provides the perfect surface on which to display accessories and a table lamp. As for the walls, we switched the purple and white flower artwork for a more abstract piece that ties in nicely with the colors from the throw pillows.

One day bedroom makeover

We borrowed a nesting table from the living room and draped it with a sheepskin to add softness and warmth to the room and also brought in tall faux spring blooming branches to add height to the space. The bright green decorative stool injects a pop of color to the room and ties in nicely with the bohemian-inspired pillow. We moved the brown leather bench to the foot of the bed to break up the white-on-white bedding and to create the perfect catch-all to throw clothes on at the end of a long day.

Tip: Adding a touch of black in the room as we did with the lampshade, vase, and bed frame breaks up the neutral color palette and gives the space a touch of elegance.

One day makeover

With only a few hours and a small budget we created an inviting, peaceful and zen-like space, perfect to catch up on beauty sleep.

What do you like the most about this mini makeover?

Liette Tousignant
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