"Will Hang & Level™ work with J hooks or brass picture hangers?"

We love getting questions from our customers and this is one we got recently: 

“Will Hang & Level™ work with J hooks or brass picture hangers?”

That's a great question! Yes, you can use Hang & Level™ to mark exactly where to hang the picture, regardless of the type of hanging hardware used. For example, brass picture hangers or J hooks (e.g. MonkeyHooks) are often used to hang all kinds of wall décor. In this post we explain how easy it is to use the picture hanging tool with these hangers to quickly and accurately decorate your walls.

Three pictures showing how to use Hang & Level™ the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where to put the nail. Hang the picture on the tool, find the spot on the wall where the picture will hang and remove the picture and press the button on the tool and it marks the spot for the nail

Hang & Level marks the spot

Start by using Hang & Level in the usual way. Hang your frame on the hook on the tool. Take the tool and picture to the wall, and find the right spot for the picture to hang. Leave the tool on the wall, remove the frame and push the button to make the mark. 

A drawing showing where to align 4 different fasteners on the mark left by Hang & Level

Align the hook

If you are using a regular nail or a DecoNail™, you hammer the nail directly into the mark made by Hang & Level to hang your picture. However, if you are using a hook or brass hanger the positioning is different. The mark made on the wall represents where your picture will hang from, and not where the J hook or brass hanger is nailed into the wall. To secure it in the right position, place the bottom of the hanger on top of the mark made by the picture hanging tool, and install the hanger in that position. 

Making sure the hangers are installed in the correct position will ensure your picture hangs exactly where you want it. To make it even easier, consider using one of our hanging products designed specifically to work with Hang & Level.

Image of H&L with different fasteners (DécoNails™, DécoHooks™, DécoScrews™) and AnchorPoints™ in drywall

A picture hanging system 

All of our wall décor products are designed to work together to create a system that allows you to quickly and accurately hang wall décor in exactly the right spot, without any guessing, measuring or mistake holes.

Customer review for Hang & Level™ the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where to put the nail

Use the Hang & Level picture hanging tool to mark exactly where to put the fastener. DécoNails™, DécoHooks™ or DécoScrews™ are all designed for a secure hold in drywall. Select the one that will work best for your job. Then, apply AnchorPoints™ to the bottom two corners of your frame to keep it from moving, even in high traffic areas or while dusting.

We design innovative products that make picture hanging easy. Check out our full product line here.

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