Wallpaper Design Junkies Delight – How To

This inspiration picture was the most re-pinned from our Dining Room Walls Pinterest Board over the past few months and with good reason! It’s quick, easy and makes a big statement with a few small pieces of leftover wallpaper.

Wallpaper delight inspiration picture

Since we had some gorgeous wallpaper leftover from a previous project and a wall that needed a little love we decided to make our own grouping of wallpaper art.

Here’s the step-by-step:

Time: less than an hour

Cost: about $50 (frames were $9.99 each) but you could repurpose old frames or find some at a secondhand store

This is what you’ll need:
  • 4 frames (we used 9”x9” IKEA Ribba frames)
  • wallpaper (try to stay away from anything with linear or geometric patterns that requires precise lining up)
  • a large, thin piece of cardboard or poster board
  • 1 Hang and Level 
  • 4 Déco Nails or small nails
  • 8 Anchor Points 
  • hammer
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • utility knife
  • cutting mat or large cutting board
  • adhesive spray
  • cloth

Wallpaper delight items needed

This is what we did:

Wallpaper delight 4 frames

We varied from the inspiration photo in a few ways. It used four different sized frames, but we decided to use four identical shadowboxes that we already had. It also used four different wallpaper samples, but we decided to use the same wallpaper in all four frames and cut different parts of the pattern for each frame to keep things interesting.

You could also choose to mix up the frame colors and sizes or use matting or not — after all modification is the key to good DIY!

Before we started this project we had a few decisions to make. Glass or no glass? We decided to remove the glass to eliminate the glare. Should we place the image at the front or back of the shadowboxes? After some debate, we decided we liked the added interest the recessed images offered. Matting or no matting? Removing the matting left more space to show off our lovely wallpaper.

Wallpaper delight frames needed

Now to get to work. Once we had our frames dismantled, we selected four images from the wallpaper and cut them to the same size as the back of the frame. Then we cut four identical pieces of cardboard.
Wallpaper delight cutting paper
Next, we moved to a well-ventilated room and sprayed the cardboard with the adhesive glue and carefully laid the wallpaper on top. Using a clean, soft cloth we applied pressure to the paper and smoothed out any wrinkles. Then we repeated for the remaining three images.

Wallpaper delight cloth

Don’t forget to carefully wrap up and save your matting and glass so that you can re-use your frames for another look in the future!
Now to hang. We tried a few arrangements on the floor before deciding on the final look.
Wallpaper delight floor display
  1. Before we hung the first frame, we placed a vase filled with flowers on the table. By deciding what will be displayed on the table before hanging the pictures, we were able to get the height of the wall arrangement just right.
  2. See how the placement of the first frame is balanced with the table, chair and flowers? But we definitely need more.
  3. I asked my partner to hold up two more frames to check that I still liked the arrangement I had decided on and to confirm the distance between each frame.
  4. Everything looked good so we hung the next three frames, marking the spot for the nail and leveling with the Hang and Level  as we went. We decided against measuring the spacing between each frame and opted for a more relaxed look.

Wallpaper delight 4 picture frames

Wallpaper delight frame 4

To hang, we used one Déco Nail  per frame and then immediately secured the bottom corners with Anchor Points (otherwise as soon as we hammered in the next nail the frames would wobble and we’d have to re-level each time.)

If you make a mistake along the way, don’t fret, your frame will likely cover the hole. If not, you may like to read our instructions on How to Patch a Hole.

This pretty, feminine look didn’t cost a fortune and the polka-dot carpet adds some punch to an otherwise quiet vignette. Just what this corner needed! As always, if this DIY inspires you to try your own, send us a picture! We’d love to see your creations!

Wallpaper delight polka dot carpet
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