Rehanging a canvas with CanvasHangers™

CanvasHangers™ are the best way to hang a canvas in drywall quickly and securely, but did you know that you can also remove and easily rehang them? Maybe you’ve decided to repaint your walls, or you just want to take your canvas art off the wall to clean it, whatever the reason, here are a few simple tips to help take it off the wall and rehang it in the exact same spot. 

two pictures, the first showing a person gently pulling the bottom of a canvas art away from the wall; the second picture is a person putting their fingers between the canvas art and wall about 1/2 way up and pulling the canvas art directly away from the wall

Removing your canvas

To minimize the risk of enlarging the holes securing CanvasHangers into the wall, it’s important to pull the canvas out of the wall as horizontally as possible. To do so, gently pull the bottom edge of the canvas away from the wall, just far enough so you can get your fingers between the canvas and wall. Move your hands up either side of the canvas at least halfway up the side, and pull it straight out of the wall.

A picture showing a person snapping the pin out of the hanger on CanvasHangers and putting it into the safe holding spot on the hanger.

Once you’ve removed your canvas from the wall, you can store the sharp pins inside the hangers for safekeeping. Snap the pins out of the hangers and push the pin into the hole on the side of the hanger to store them securely.

Getting ready to rehang your canvas

Before you reinstall your canvas, make sure that the pins are properly installed in the hangers and are facing out towards the wall.

 A person looking at the side of the canvas art to align the pin from CanvasHangers into the original hole on one side

Reinstalling the canvas

To reinstall your canvas on the wall, start by picking one of the top corners and put the pin back into the hole. For this first pin, it’s quite easy to angle the canvas so you can see the pin and the hole and visually guide the pin into the hole. Once that first pin has gone into the hole, keep your hand over that corner so it doesn’t come out, and move the other corner close to the wall.

A person holding the corner of canvas art so the pin from CanvasHangers that was reinstalled stays put, and pivoting the canvas on this point to find the original hole for the second pin.

Using the pin that’s in the wall as a pivot point, gently rotate the canvas and feel the wall with the tip of the pin to find the second hole. You’ll be surprised how sensitive the tip of the pin is and how easily you can find the existing hole. 

Once you have found the hole, push the second corner into the wall and you’re done!

Will it still be as secure?

There are a number of factors that combine to make our CanvasHangers hang your canvas art so securely. One of them is how the metal pins fit into the drywall. As long as the holes they are reinstalled into are not damaged or chipped, there should be no loss of strength, and your canvas will be just as secure as it was originally. To check, you can give your canvas a gentle nudge once it’s reinstalled - it should feel just as solid and secure as it did before. But if you are ever feeling unsure or concerned, you can install it into fresh drywall even if it’s only ¼ inch away from the original location, and you will likely not even notice the difference.

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