Proud to be Canadian!

Our country is another year older? Woohoo! We are a Canadian made company and we're so proud of it. Despite our products being sold all over North America in major retailers such as The Home Depot, Target and Lowes, very few people know that we are a Canadian company! Our head office is in Calgary, Alberta; that's where all the magic happens. If you've never heard of us, we truly hope that you get to read this article because we wish more people knew that our little BIG company is 100% Canadian.

So, what do we do? We design products/tools that make hanging pictures easy. We’ve heard you, hanging stuff can be complicated and daunting. That’s why we design every product we sell with ease of use and innovation in mind. We pride ourselves in being very creative problem solvers, and using those skills we’ve been designing products that solve everyday décor frustrations. We’re all about helping people decorate their homes by designing great products. If you’re curious and want to see or read more about our products, click here head to our website. 

Hang & Level

Every company has a story about their start, and we’re no exception! Our company was born out of a real-life challenge. As an interior decorator, one of our Co-Founders, Liette Tousignant, found that her most challenging decorating task was hanging artwork quickly and accurately without making mistake holes in her clients' walls. She knew that there had to be an easier way to hang pictures, but she couldn't find the right tools to get the job done. (You can read more right here.) The Hang & Level picture hanging tool is the first product we launched as a company, and since then we’ve designed a whole line of innovative products. And as they say, the rest is history.

Most importantly, to us being Canadian means that we live in an open and accepting country. Our team includes people of all different backgrounds, and for us, skin color and age don't matter as long as the person has the skills we need. It’s the multiculturalism that we have at our office that introduces us to different cultures and allows us to be accepting and open minded both in our personal and professional lives.

Happy Birthday Canada! Bonne fête Canada! 

P.S. The white toolbox will soon be available to buy on our website! We’re so happy to introduce a non-traditional box to give you choices instead of being limited to just red or grey. How chic!



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