Mudroom decorated with art from Magnolia

Written by Liette, Co-Founder of UTR Decorating.

When I saw these pretty downloadable plant prints I knew they’d be perfect for my mudroom. The price was right – free. Thanks to Magnolia I created a nature-inspired gallery wall that barely cost anything and looks stunning. Here’s what I did and a couple of tips if you decide to download the printables.


Since I’m always looking for things to frame and hang on my walls (it’s part of my job), I downloaded the free prints, framed them and hung them. Each plant was hand-painted; there’s a set of five, and they are stunningly beautiful.

Downloading the free plant prints – tips

It says that the prints come in 8x10 and 5x7 but the image is the same size – only the dotted line (where to cut) changes. If you’re planning on framing the images in lots of different sizes like I did, download the 8×10 version so the dotted line doesn’t get in the way.

Print the trees first then look for frames. Although I printed them all in 8x10 format, I used frames of different sizes that I already had and cut each to the size I needed. If you’re shopping for frames, take a tree print with you to the store to help choose the right size of frame.

P.S. I tried the images in white frames but the trees didn’t pop as much as they did in black frames. Also, since all my walls are white, black frames were definitely the way to go.

Trivia: How well do you know your trees – can you name each one? 

Top row: Fiddle leaf fig, snake plant, olive tree
Bottom row: elfin thyme and rosemary

First things first – decide on the order to display your frames

I do this all the time – I lay out my frames in front of the wall where I’ll hang them. This helps find the right combination, shape, spacing and order to display each one. For example, there were two blueish-grey trees, so I played with the arrangement making sure I wouldn’t hang them next to each other.

Trust me, this step has saved my walls from many many potential mistake holes.

How to hang each frame

First, decide how low (or how high) to hang your frames. Hang them high enough to avoid bumping into them every time you sit on the bench.

Using my Hang&Level, I hung the bottom frame first.

This tool makes hanging things super easy. It marks the exact spot to hammer the nail – there’s no need to measure or to mark the wall with a pencil. 

I used our Déco Nails to hang each frame. We’ve designed them specifically to hang pictures so I know I can trust them. They hold up to 20lbs each, which is plenty for every tree I hung.  

Next, I hung the top frame. As an FYI, the spacing is different (but similar) between each frame as I was going for an informal, relaxed look. Using my Hang&Level, I centred and hung the second frame over the bottom one.

After that, I hung the frames on the left, starting with the bottom one, then the top and completed my gallery with the small frame on the very left.

Note that I hung my display within the width of my bench – the two are anchored to each other.

In a nutshell, if your house needs a little perk me up, add a plant or a tree; it will instantly change the look of your space. I find plants so relaxing that I have some in my office at work. They really help create a more homey environment.

Comments? Thoughts? Ideas? Share in the comment box below.

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Liette Tousignant
Co-Founder of Under The Roof Decorating

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