Make a Statement with Artwork over the Fireplace Mantle

The fireplace is the natural focal point of a room which means when it comes to decorating the space above the mantle, don’t be afraid to go big and be bold in order to turn it into a conversation piece.

Choose the right size of artwork:

Keep items in balance by ensuring artwork is at least 2/3 of the fireplace’s width. If you don’t own a big piece of art, combine a few pieces to achieve the scale needed.

A little higher, a little lower:

Hang the bottom of your piece(s) 4” to 6” from the mantle to keep your artwork and mantle visually connected to each other. This gap may vary slightly depending on the type of accessories you choose to display.

What to hang above the mantle:

Mirrors create a stunning effect for over the mantle, and they are a popular choice with many homeowners, but they aren’t the only option. Paintings, photos, framed maps, children’s artwork, prints and canvas are all excellent choices. If you prefer something a little more unique, consider hanging masks, clocks, decorative plates, tapestries or seasonal wreaths. Let your personal style guide you and your mantle is sure to be eye catching.

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