Look like a picture hanging pro - top tips

Decorate to express yourself - there are no limits! However there are a few basic rules of thumb you can follow to make your wall arrangements look a little more polished and professional. Here’s what we regularly consider when creating a look. 

Find a theme for consistency

To make things look instantly cohesive, consider making at least one element of your arrangement consistent. For example that could be the subject matter, or color palette of all the pieces in the arrangement. It could also be size, shape and color of the frames, or the arrangement on the wall. Keeping something the same throughout all the pieces will help bring things together.

Consider the layout

One quick trick to make an arrangement look visually bigger is by grouping items together, and laying them out so that they fill up an imaginary rectangle. Pay attention to the items in the corners of the rectangle as they do the job of defining the limits of the shape. Then fill in the rest with your other pieces. An easy way to do this is by laying it out on the floor next to the space you are hanging it to get a better sense of what arrangement will work best. 

Hang it at the right height

Wall decor hung too high is a common error, and is noticeable right away when you enter the space. In order to determine the right height, consider whether you are primarily sitting or standing in the space and make sure your art (or the middle of your arrangement) is hanging at the right height. Here is a blog post explaining some of the finer details.

Space it right

When hanging multiple items together, spacing is one of the things you will notice immediately, especially if it is off. Generally speaking, consistent spacing between items looks the most balanced. The exact amount of space to leave between items can depend on the width of the frames (thicker frames can be spaced farther apart) but we’ve found that generally 2-3 inches works well. Check out this post for more detailed examples.

Look for balance

Visual balance is key to a professional looking finish, and that means both within the arrangement as well as the relationship between the arrangement and the rest of the room. Determining the centerline is the key here, and generally you should position your arrangement along that centerline. If you are hanging above furniture, use the center of the furniture as the centerline (not the center of the wall that it is against). Make sure that there is just as much visual weight on both sides of the centerline. Hanging an odd versus even number of frames can make that easier because you can hang the first item exactly in the middle of the space and then work outwards from there.

Step back and take it in

Here’s an easy way to get a different perspective on the space. Take a picture of the space with the wall décor and view it on your phone or camera. It’s a great way to see things with a fresh eye and see if there is anything that stands out that you may not notice when you are right in front of it. Happy decorating!

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