Likes Hang & Level

We love it when people try out our products so they can see for themselves what all the fuss is about. We especially love it when they take the time to review them. And that’s exactly what Alan Henry of did. A few months ago, there was a discussion on Lifehacker about how to hang art without damaging walls. Readers were asked if they would use a paint can stirrer and a screw to get the job done or if they would buy a Hang & Level instead. Because Hang & Level was designed specifically to hang pictures without causing damage to your walls, we wanted Alan to see for himself how easy it is to use. Liette, the inventor of the tool, sent one over for him to try and after using it, Alan admitted “Hang and Level makes positioning photos and art together on the wall quick and easy.” You can read the complete review here….

Thanks, Lifehacker!

At Under The Roof Decorating, we make picture hanging easy. Our innovative products as well as helpful tips and tricks make it simple to hang pictures where you want them – the first time!


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