Is this picture too high? How to hang pictures at the right height

Picture hanging height

Determining at what height pictures should be hung around the house can be very challenging. Since there’s no universal one-fits-all rules, your pictures’ perfect height will vary depending if your art is to be viewed from a standing or sitting position.

As a rule of thumb, when pictures will mostly be seen by people who are standing in areas such as in hallways and foyers, hang your artwork so its center hangs at 60” to 66” from the floor.  It’s a comfortable height for most people, whether you’re over 6’ 3” like Mike, our design director, or shorter like me at 5’ 6”.

On the other hand, when hanging pictures in rooms where you spend most of your time sitting, such as dining rooms, living rooms, or offices, be sure to judge the height from a sitting position. The best way is to sit across from where you want to hang your piece and have someone move the art up and down before you decide. It should hang low enough that you can enjoy the art from where you’re sitting without having to look way, way up. It may sound complicated but it’s not, really and it truly works.

Hanging pictures in a dining room

Check the following links if you’re hanging pictures above a couchheadboardfireplace mantle or a towel bar.

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