How to use Hang & Level™ with picture wire

We designed Hang & Level™ to take the frustration and effort out of picture hanging. You can find the right spot for a picture before you make any holes - and it marks exactly where to put the nail. If you love gallery walls, it’s super quick and easy to create arrangements using the tool. Here are some tips when you are using Hang & Level for frames installed with picture wire.

Using Hang & Level to align a picture with picture wire in a gallery

How picture wire affects alignment

Aligning artwork that uses picture wire can present some challenges. Because the wire is not tight to the back of the frame, when hanging on the wall the top of the frame usually sits away from the wall instead of hanging flush. The distance it hangs off of the wall depends on the position of the wire on the frame and the amount of slack in it. This can make aligning the frame in the right position tricky.   

Furthermore, unlike hanging an item on the Hang & Level with a D-ring, keyhole or sawtooth, a frame on the tool using picture wire can move around on the hook, making it more important to make sure it’s sitting correctly on the tool before you mark the spot. 

Follow the tips below to get great positioning every time.

Tips to get perfect alignment

Show how to line up the top of a picture frame with the marks on Hang & Level, the picture hanging tool, to make sure the frame is hanging level on the tool

1. When placing the frame on the tool, use the marks on the side of the tool to make sure that your frame is actually sitting square on it. Line up the top of the frame to the same mark on each side of the tool. person hold the bottom of the picture frame steady on the Hang & Level picture hanging tool
2. Hold the frame on the bottom edge with your free hand as you move the tool and frame around the wall to make sure it stays square on the frame. two pictures showing a person holding a picture frame with wire on the tool. The first picture shows how the frame sits away from the tool and the second shows how to hold the bottom of the frame out so the frame is parallel to the wall
3. When the frame is on the tool the distance from the top edge to the wall is exaggerated. To help align it more accurately, pull the bottom edge of the frame out slightly to position it parallel to the wall. Picture showing how you can get a friend to step back from the wall and help you align the picture when using the Hang & Level picture hanging tool with a picture frame fitted with picture wire
4. Get help from a friend. Have a friend stand behind you a few feet and they can provide another perspective as you move the item and tool on the wall to find the right spot to hang it. Image showing how to use a picture with picture wire on the two-hook system on the Hang & Level picture hanging tool
5. You can use the two hooks on Hang & Level (which will require two nails) to keep the picture steady on the tool. And, once hung with two nails the picture will be less likely to move than if a single nail is used. two images (one at a distance and one close up) showing how to align pictures using the bottom of the picture frames when using Hang & Level, the picture hanging tool
6. If you are aligning the frame you are hanging to another frame on the wall, you can use the bottom (not the top) of the picture frame to position it. The bottom of the picture sits flush to the wall when it’s on the tool, so if you can get an accurate position relative to the frame next to it.
7. When you have found the right spot, check to make sure the alignment is still accurate and that the frame is still sitting square on the tool using the marks on the side of the tool. Make any small adjustments needed, and you are ready to mark where to put the nail.

    Hang & Level basics

    Hang & Level is easy to use and it works with all standard wall décor hangers such as sawtooth, D-rings, keyholes and picture wire. Hang your picture or décor item on the tool. Take the tool and picture to the wall. Move the tool and picture around on the wall until you find the spot where you want to hang it. Leave the tool on the wall, remove the picture and press the button to mark where to install the fastener. That’s it! Install the fastener in the mark, hang your picture and level it. The tool has a level already built in for you. Watch this YouTube Hang & Level playlist to see how easy it is to use and check out this blog for more tips.

    Using Hang & Level to hang a gallery

    Hang & Level is great for hanging single items, but it is even more useful when you want to hang a number of pictures or wall décor items together in a gallery. Two things make hanging galleries difficult: first, it is hard to align things well. If there is a picture hung slightly off, the whole arrangement looks bad. Secondly, it is hard to figure out where to put the nail to hang the item where you want it. Hang & Level solves both of these problems. Check out this blog post to learn more about creating gallery walls with Hang & Level.

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