How to hang posters without damaging your walls

I bought a poster 4 years ago, and it’s still sitting in the closet in its original tube. Why? Because I have not figured out how to frame it yet. While watching the Olympics, I thought I’d hang it up to enjoy it and to get inspired. (It’s a vintage-esque ski poster and I love to ski). The only problem is that I really want to frame it one day, so I didn’t want to put any holes in the poster and in the walls for that matter. Here’s what I did to keep my wall and poster in pristine condition.

I used Déco Magnets. It’s a round disc and a magnet that sits on top. It looks like a tiny black top hat, doesn’t it? It’s a simple little item that is so handy to have around!

How do the Déco Magnets work?

It’s easy! You place the paper in between the small disc and the black magnet to hold it up. Next, peel off the protective layer on the back of the disc to reveal an adhesive surface (that won’t damage your walls). Lastly, push to stick the disc to the wall. That’s it! NO holes in the wall and NO holes in the poster.

I used one magnet per corner to uncurl my very curled up poster. It had been in a tube for 4 years. 

As you can see, the black tops sit beautifully on the paper and become part of the art without obstructing it.

To remove the disc from the wall, simply use the clear pick included to unstick it. And don’t worry, they don’t leave any sticky tacky residue on your walls.

The magnets come in black or white, both colors are versatile and will fit in any décor.  If you’d like to buy some, head to our online store.

If you’re like me and prefer watching a video to see how it works, check out this short (25 second) video:

Ta-da! Now I can enjoy my poster while I figure out how I’ll have it framed (or maybe I’ll just head right to the slopes).

How do you hang posters? You know, your kid’s cartoon posters or your teenager’s crazy ones?! Share in the comment box below, I’d love to hear from you.

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