How to hang a wreath

Years ago, wreaths were limited to Christmas and funerals, but today the humble wreath has taken on every season and occasion and we couldn’t be happier! From a seashell wreath welcoming summer, to a wreath made from pages of a romance novel for Valentine’s Day to a harvest wreath made of dried twigs and leaves; the choices are endless.

But the first question that springs to our minds here at Under the Roof Decorating is (you guessed it) how can we hang these beauties without damaging our front door? Fortunately there are almost as many ways to hang a wreath as there are styles — here are a few of our favorites:

The always readily available over-the-door wreath hook:

Here's how to hang a wreath without damaging your door

Credit: Michelle Kohl

Some of over-the-door hangers have padding on the back to protect your door from scratches. If yours doesn’t, you can add stick-on rubber bumpers or felt pads.

A simple nail in the top of your door and a ribbon or fishing line:


Credit: Living with Lindsay

This magnetic wreath hanger (you place one magnet on each side of your single pane window and it will hold up to 10 lbs. — genius!):

Wreath brushed nickel post image

Credit: Credit: Magnetic Wreath Hanger by Haute Decor

A substantial, permanent hook painted the same color as your door:

Wreath white Etsy post image

Credit: Two Inspire You on Etsy

This clever DIY hook from

Wreath metal hook Final V

Stick-on Hooks:

Wreath red Final V


Note: Stick-on hooks are notorious for falling off without warning, so if you choose to use one you may have better luck if you put the hook on the inside of the door upside-down then run a ribbon or fishing line over the door to the outside and loop it around your wreath.

Finally, you could always install a door knocker so that you can hang a wreath on it whenever the mood strikes:

Wreat H&H post image

Credit:  House and Home

A couple of tips:

  • If you’re hanging your wreath on a window, you may want to double up so that the backside looks just as good as the frontside.
  • Be sure to clean your wreath after each use and store safely in a box or plastic bag so that it’s ready for next year.

Want to see some of our favorite wreaths? Check out our wreath board on Pinterest. And feel free send us a photo of your wreath to:

Do you know any other clever way to hang a wreath?

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