How to Hang a Mirror Without Ruining Your Walls

Decorating with mirrors is an easy way to spruce up your place and add dimension to your space without spending too much money. Mirrors make rooms appear bigger, and they brighten the space, but hanging them can be a real challenge. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with extra holes in your wall from trying to hang and place the mirror. Here’s the easiest way to hang a mirror by yourself and get it right the first time without losing your sanity or making a bunch of mistake holes in the wall. 

How to hang a mirror

How to Easily Hang a Mirror

1. First, determine how high you want your mirror to hang. If it’s just for yourself, hang it so you can easily see yourself— if it’s in the entryway where many people will be checking themselves in it, hang the mirror at a height where the average-height person can easily see themselves. Once you’ve determined the right spot, mark the bottom (yes, the bottom - we’ll explain why in a few minutes) of the mirror with a piece of painters’ tape or other tape that won’t damage your wall. How to hang a mirror2. We’ve designed a fantastic tool for hanging frames and mirrors that’ll make every hanging job you do look like the work of a pro; it’s called Hang & Level. Just hang the mirror on the single hook on the tool, find the right spot on the wall for whatever you’re hanging (in this case a mirror), and lift the mirror up until you see the piece of tape you placed on the wall (from step one, above).How to hang a mirror 3. Once you have your mirror in the right spot, remove the mirror from the tool while keeping the tool on the wall and press on the hook it was hanging from to mark the spot, location. Don’t worry about scratching the wall; there are four soft pads on the back of the tool to move it around easily without damaging your walls.How to hang a mirror4. To hang our mirror, we simply hammered in a Déco Nail on the mark we made with our Hang & Level, and voilà! The nail can support up to 20 lbs., which is more than enough support for this small mirror.How to hang a mirrorCaution: Always make sure to pick the right hardware to secure stuff on walls. For larger or heavier hangings, you may need to choose different hanging hardware. You wouldn’t want the mirror to come crashing down and end up with seven years of bad luck. Lol!  

5. For a lovely finishing touch, add some accessories, and you’re done!How to hang a mirror This is by far the easiest way to hang a mirror, and our convenient Hang & Level and Déco Nails make it easy to get it right the first time.How to hang a mirror

Mirror Design Tips

When hanging a mirror, always check what it reflects before hanging it. Often when a mirror is hung above a mantel, often it will reflect a kitchen or family room, and you might not like the reflection you see. On the other hand, if it reflects a beautiful view, there’s no problem. How to hang a mirrorAlso, the mirror you choose can have a big impact on your space.  We hung a round mirror, but play with different shapes, size, and colors to add your own style to your space.

What have your main challenges been when hanging mirrors? Do you have any tips to share?

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