How to hang a group of mirrors in a bedroom

I love symmetry, but when I was hanging these funky little mirrors, symmetry was not the answer. Because of their round shape, an uneven fluid display was my choice to soften the square headboard and create a fun focal point for the room.

Here’s how I hung them. 

This is my daughter’s bedroom that I recently re-decorated. Finding something fun and interesting to hang above a headboard can be a challenge sometimes. In this case, I chose a grouping of round mirrors to create a playful display and relaxed atmosphere.

This is going to sound strange, but before you start hanging, place your pillows on the bed exactly the way you would if you were making the bed. This will help you visualize your display including how the colors in your art will interact with with what’s below.

Don’t worry about messing up the bed sheets, since you’ll be hopping on it anyway to hang your wall décor.


First things first, even if the hanging approach is relaxed and asymmetrical, it doesn’t mean to hammer at random without putting any thought into the display. As strange as this may sound, sometimes the “messier” a look can appear, the more work it requires vs a tailored look.

I started by placing all the mirrors on the floor and moved them around to come up with the arrangement I thought would look best. I’m showing only this one floor display, but I tried six or seven before deciding.



Next, I placed them on the bed, making sure they’d be easy to grab as I hung them by myself. This also helped me figure out the total width of the display.

Even as I was hanging them, I tested the look before hammering by holding the next ones up on the wall beside the ones I’d already hung.


This is the order I hung them in:

I started with the mirror on the left, making sure the starting point would allow me to fit all five within the width of the bed frame. I created an arrangement that overall swept upwards towards the ceiling to help give an illusion of height – the ceiling is only eight feet tall.


If you hang things by yourself like I do most of the time, every tool that can make your life easier is a blessing. Here, I used my Hang & Level™ to catch the tricky triangle ring on the back of each mirror. The tool made it super easy to hold each mirror against the wall and mark the spot before hammering the nail in.

If you’re not familiar with this handy tool we designed, have a look at it here. I promise, after you see how it works you’ll never hang things the old fashioned way again.



With the mirrors up, I love how the light reflects differently in each one of them. Different times of the day bring a new reflection. On windy or snowy days it’s interesting to see the movement in the mirrors, something I didn’t plan but quite enjoy.


I like how the black pops against the white wall, and since the mirrors are quite small, the black doesn’t overwhelm the space. The black, white and grey color scheme is very versatile and I layered different patterns and textures in the bedding to create a cozy and youthful look.

Just in case you wonder, if a mirror was to fall off the wall, it wouldn’t shatter. They’re glass, but not the kind that would shatter. We also have wall-to-wall carpet in the room, so if any of the mirrors did fall, they’d have a soft landing.

Mirrors hanging glam 1
If the thought of hanging more than one piece on the wall makes you nervous and afraid you’ll make extra holes, I say “don’t worry.” In the end, just remember that if you make extra holes you can easily patch them up or hang something else over it. No one will know but you.


Are you planning any wall decorating projects? If you have any questions, ask away, I’m here to help!

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