How to Hang a Large Floor Mirror

Large floor mirrors offer a great way to enlarge a small space, since they reflect daylight and they’re relatively inexpensive compared to other decorative accessories for your walls. We had a challenge at our own UTR office, as the back entry is fairly narrow and small.

We solved the feeling of being too cramped in that area by hanging a floor mirror to give the illusion of a larger space. Although leaning a mirror against the wall is quite trendy and we love the look, it wasn’t an option for us since the space is so small and is very high traffic, meaning a leaning mirror simply wouldn’t be safe.

Here’s how we hung our mirror:

We set the mirror on a 9″ stool, which lifted it high enough from the floor to give us the perfect hanging height. Everyone at the office could see their entire body, including the guys who are 6’3” or even taller.

Large mirror resting on stool before hanging

I found the center of the wall and the mirror and lined them up to ensure the mirror would be perfectly centered on the wall.

lining up the center of a large mirror on the wall before hanging using painter's tape to line up the center of a large mirror with the center of the wall before hanging

With the mirror still resting on the stool, I hung the D-ring on the left side of the mirror onto the single button of Hang & Level.

using Hang & Level with a D-ring on a heavy mirror to mark the spot for the first screw

The tool was placed at an angle and worked perfectly to mark the spot for the location of our first screw. 

using Hang & Level at an angle to hang a large mirror with D-Rings

I did the same thing on the other side: using Hang & Level I marked the spot for the second screw while the mirror was still resting on the foot stool.

preparing to use Hang & Level to mark the spot for the second screw when hanging a heavy mirror

I then removed the mirror from its location so I could place the screws. 

pointing out the spots for the screws to hang our full length mirror

We used Déco Screws™, which are a super strong screw and anchor in one that can hold up to 30 lbs. Our mirror weighed 20 lbs, making the screws more than adequate.  

installing the first Déco Screw™ to hang a large mirror

I then had someone help me hang the mirror by placing the D-rings on the screws. I used a small level to make sure it was hanging perfectly straight before putting my tools away.

using a small level to ensure the mirror is straight

Ta da! Done! We love the look. In addition to enlarging the space it gives us (and our guests) the chance check ourselves out when entering or leaving the office.

view of a large full-length mirror hung on the wall in an entryway

If you have any questions regarding this post or any other picture hanging questions, feel free to ask — I always love to help!

Liette Tousignant

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  • Cindy On

    what are the dimensions of the mirror you hung? Mine is 50″ × 50″ and I’m wondering if 9" from floor is high enough to hang it. The mirror weighs 50 lbs and is too heavy for me to hold up and evaluate the height. Thanks and love your blog!

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