How to hang a large canvas

CH Zebra

Nowadays when you buy a canvas, it rarely comes with any hanging hardware. Many people mistakenly believe that means it’s OK to hang it by the frame. But it’s not! It’s not safe to hang it by the frame because it could easily fall off the wall. So what do you do?

After countless struggles of our own with hanging canvasses of all types and sizes, we came up with a solution – a CanvasHanger. Here’s how it works:

A CanvasHanger is a small white bracket that fits in the corner of a canvas. Place one in each top corner and secure it by hammering the outer pins into the frame, then place your canvas on the wall and push it in. That’s it!

The part that secures the canvas to the wall is similar to a push pin, or tack, but is industrial strength (as you can see in the photo above). CanvasHangers work with any size of canvas, big or small, and can hold up to 20 lbs. Considering how light canvases are, it can hold a very large one without any worries.

Here I am at the cottage getting ready to hang this large zebra canvas (3.9′ X 2.5′) in the hallway separating my girls’ bedrooms.

Here’s what I did:

  • I found the middle point between the hallway window and the end of the wall. That’s the centre.
  • I marked the centre with a piece of painter’s tape.
  • I centered my canvas with the centre of the wall.
  • The CanvasHangers come with a handy dandy mini level that I used to make sure my canvas was levelled before hanging it.
  • Once the canvas was straight, I pushed the top corners into the wall to hang it.

Note that I was standing on a step stool when hanging “Zibby.” When I stand on the floor, his eyes are pretty much at my eye level, which is approximately 5.5′ (I’m 5.6′).

I hung this large canvas all by myself and perfectly on my first try. A large canvas can be awkward to hang because often it’s as wide as your arms can spread open, but I didn’t have any problems getting it on the wall at all. All I had to do was to push the CanvasHangers in place, that’s it. There was no need to mark the wall or take complicated measurements. 

CH Zebra

Look at how flush the canvas hangs against the wall. It creates a clean, seamless look, so if you’re hanging your canvas in a hallway like I did where it’ll be seen from the sides – getting that straight flush look matters.

In addition, since there are two brackets in the top corners, they keep the canvas nice and straight forever. Since the hallway is quite a busy traffic area, I don’t have to constantly straighten Zibby up, it’s always straight. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, and since hanging pictures is part of my job, those  little things matter a lot. 

I love decorating with canvasses because they’re inexpensive, so you can get very large ones to fill a large wall without spending much money. There’s also plenty of choice available at home stores, so you’re guaranteed to find one to match your décor style.

I chose the zebra because it’s playful, and I find black and white timeless. So if I decide to move Zibby to another room in the cottage, I know it’ll fit in the space no matter what the color of the room is. I like investing in neutral art – it looks good anywhere. 

CH Zebra

CH Zebra

CanvasHangers come in a pack of two and can be purchased directly from our Under The Roof Decorating online store.

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Happy hanging!

Do you have any tips on how to hang a canvas you’d like to share?

Liette Tousignant
Co-Founder of Under The Roof Decorating

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