How to hang a heavy picture in drywall

Some of us were taught that you always had to hang pictures using a wall stud, especially for heavy wall décor. But with the right tools and hangers, you don’t need to limit yourself to figuring out where those studs are. This gives you the freedom to decorate your walls how you want them to be. At UTR Decorating, we’ve designed some tools and hangers to make hanging heavy items up to 30 lbs quick and easy.

image showing 3 angles of the design features of DécoScrews: a screw and anchor in one, works with a flat or philliops screwdriver, unique head holds all common picture hangers securely and they hold 30 lbs securely in drywall

DécoScrews™ - a screw and an anchor in one 

We designed our DécoScrews to be the easiest way to secure artwork up to 30 lbs in drywall. The patented design incorporates all of the features and benefits of a separate screw and wall anchor into one part. The cone shaped shank ensures that all of the threads are embedded in fresh drywall for a superior hold. There is no need to drill a hole in the wall and the screws can be installed with a standard Phillips or flathead screwdriver.  

For items that weigh more than 30 pounds (14 kg), or for particularly delicate or valuable items, you may want to consider using a more traditional approach with a separate wall anchor and screw combination rated for the weight of your piece. 

 image showing 3 views of DecoHooks and their uniquely designed features for picture hanging: unique head design holds securely any type of picture hangers, two sizes hold 20 lbs or 40 lbs securely in drywall, the back of the Decohook installs behind the drywall and the tip presses into the drywall for a strong hold

DécoHooks™ - no tools needed 

If you are looking for a secure hanger that doesn’t require any tools to install in drywall, consider our DécoHooks. They are stronger than using just a nail, because the tail of the hook presses into the back of the drywall, which increases the holding strength of the head. DécoHooks come in two sizes that can hold - 20 lbs and 40 lbs, select the size that’s right for your item. Watch the DécoHooks YouTube playlist to see how easy they are to use.

Image of decoscrew and decohook showing the unique head design that holds all kinds of hanging hardware securely in drywall

Patented heads - designed to grip wall décor

You’ll see that the heads of DécoScrews and DécoHooks have a unique shape that is different from a regular nail or screw. Our patented heads are made to securely grip the hanging hardware typically found on wall décor items, such as picture wire, D-rings, sawtooth hooks and keyhole hangers. In addition, the skirt of the heads lay flush against the wall and helps to distribute the weight of the item across a larger surface, reducing any movement or damage to your wall to a minimum.

A chart with four different sizes of frames and the average weight of each and the equivalent number of cans of soup the weight equates to

How heavy is my décor?

A lot of wall décor is quite a bit lighter than we imagine. Naturally it depends on the size of the item and the thickness and material of the frame, but as you can see from the diagram above the majority of items are under 20 lbs (9 kg). Keep the weight of your item in mind when selecting a hanger, and if you are in doubt, select a hanger that will hold more than you think the item weighs.

 an image showing a lady hanging a large clock using hang and level the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where to put the nail.

Mark exactly where to put the fastener

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to determine where to install your DécoScrew or DécoHook, consider using our Hang & Level™ picture hanging tool. 

Hang & Level is easy to use: Put your picture on the tool. Take the tool and the picture to the wall and try locations until you find the spot where you want the picture to hang. Remove the picture while keeping the tool on the wall and use the button to mark exactly where to install the fastener. This tool is really handy when you want to hang multiple pieces together, making it fast and easy to hang a gallery wall. Read our blog on how to use Hang & Level to hang three pictures.

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