How to hang a fall wreath on a brick wall

Looking for a way to decorate your brick for fall? Lights and wreaths are a great way to give your home a festive look as we head into the colder months. Continue reading to see how we hung this wreath on brick with no damage using DécoBrick™.

Get your wreath ready to hang

If your wreath doesn’t come with a hook or any hardware, don’t sweat it. It’s an easy fix with a zip tie. We used a white zip tie and trimmed it to the right length to form a makeshift hook to hang the wreath. Choose a black zip tie if it blends in better with your wreath (we made do with white).

Using a zip tie to hang a fall wreath onto a DecoBrick hanger

The best way to hang your wreath 

DécoBrick comes in two different hook designs: a button and traditional hook so they work with all types of hanging hardware. Either works great to hold zip ties. The button design is perfect for sawtooth or keyholes, while the hook is perfect for wire or d-rings. These hangers are easy to install and remove without any tools or damage, indoors or out. Both of the hanger designs securely hold items up to 15 lbs.

DecoBrick head styles

How to use DécoBrick™

Follow the steps below or watch this 10 second video:

1. Hook the bottom edge of the hanger on the underside of the brick.
2. Using your thumb stretch and hook the top of the hanger to the top edge of the brick.
3. Hang your wreath by hooking the zip tie (or other hardware) onto the DécoBrick. It's that easy!
In order to work correctly, the mortar between the bricks must be recessed at least ¼ inch.  

Easy, damage-free removal

Removing the DécoBrick hanger is simply the reverse of installing it. You can easily adjust the position of the hooks as needed, without worrying about any damage to your brick. 

DécoBrick is great for more than just wreaths. You can easily hang your mailbox, picture frames, plants, art, and mirrors. How are you decorating for fall? Tag @utrdecorating on instagram to be featured.

Fall wreath hung on a dark brick wall

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