How to drape a throw blanket on a sofa

Stylish tips to drape a throw blanket on a couch

As soon as the weather gets cold we dig our throw blankets out of the closets and drape them over sofas and chairs to warm up our living rooms. In addition to keeping us warm, throws are the perfect way to jazz up a tired sofa or to inject instant color and pattern to a space. As the name implies, you’d think that a throw can simply be thrown on a couch, but it requires a little more styling effort to get the right look. After spending way too much time fussing with my own throws, I thought I’d share a few “throw the throw” style ideas to help you find the perfect look for your sofa.

How to drape a throw blanket on a sofa

What’s your “throw style?”
1.  The no-fuss look. Neatly folded over the back of the couch.
2.  Stylishly and effortlessly draped over the sofa corner.
3.  Double-folded and hanging 3/4 over the arm.
4.  Perfectly, evenly and strategically draped over the sofa.
5.  The no folding, show-it-off look.
6.  Meticulously thrown over the edge.

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