How to decorate your walls with vinyl records

Framing records is a fun way to decorate your walls with something other than pictures. I framed records in black frames with white mats to create a 60s retro chic look. It’s classy, vintage and timeless. This wall decorating project is an inexpensive way to deal with a big blank wall. Here’s what I did.

I started with a black love seat and a blank wall.

Displaying the recordsI played with different arrangements before deciding to hang the blue and red labels on the bottom row.

It simply looked better having color closer to the couch – it’s a matter of preference.

Hanging the frames

I hung the bottom row first.

Using my Hang&Level tool I hung the frame on the right first and centered it with the sofa cushion. I tested different heights, and 4 inches turned out to be the best distance between the bottom of the frame and the top of the couch. I tried positioning it higher, but there was too much wall space showing – closer looked better.

I made a small mark on the wall with the yellow tool, and hammered the nail straight into that pin mark.

As my frames were fitted with sawtooth hooks, I used one Déco Nail per frame.

I levelled my frame before hanging the next one. 

To hang the second frame, I centered it with the sofa cushion and visually lined it up with the one already on the wall. As seen on the “measurement” photo above, the frames are hung 7 inches apart. 

I hopped on the couch to hang the last 2 frames, using the same steps I used to hang the first frames. It doesn’t matter which frame you hang first.


Always hang your art first, then accessorize.

I kept the look very simple and uncluttered. I used two pillows and a throw to dress up the couch. A cool retro lamp, an old two-drawer grey filing cabinet, books with the pages facing out versus the spines, and a plant in a terra cotta pot to add a touch of color. I didn’t use many colors because I wanted the wall display to be the focal point.

Framing the vinyls

I used 15X15 inch frames I already had – as you can see it’s a perfect fit.

I placed each record directly over the mat, no need for tape or glue – it stays in place when you layer the glass on top and the backing at the back. Make sure there’s no lint on the glass or on the vinyl, which can be annoying.

One more thing, make sure the writing on the label is at the top where the hanging hardware is located. 

If you like this look but don’t want to hang your precious LPs, buy some at a thrift store like we did. It barely cost anything and I absolutely love the look. 

Your turn; what’s hanging on your walls? I’d love to know! Please share in the comment box below.

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