How to Antique a Mirror

How to distress a mirror

I’m always amazed at what a huge difference a bit of paint can make.  This old mirror, once part of a dresser set, had been sitting in my garage for years. I didn’t want to get rid of it — I knew that one day I’d find a home for it and I’m happy to say I finally did. I gave the mirror a coat of paint and within an hour it was completely transformed into a stylish antique mirror.

My husband and I recently renovated our cottage and painted all the walls white. I thought if the mirror had a little bit more charm, it would fit right in the coastal feel of the master bedroom. So I got some white paint and went to work.

First, I removed the glass.  Then I gently sanded down the frame using a medium grit sandpaper to make it easier for the paint to stick. Next, I wiped the frame clean with a dry cloth.

How to distress a mirror

I then applied a thin coat of white paint and let it dry completely.

Next, using a multi angled sandpaper pad (perfect to get in the grooves), I strategically sanded the frame to give it an old distressed look. Go easy and do only a few strokes at a time, stop to assess, and then continue. This way you’ll avoid taking off too much paint at once. Dust it off, put the glass back in, and you’re done.

How to distress a mirror

It’s that easy. I love DIYs especially when they don’t require too much time, preparation and don’t make too much mess. When it was done, I simply leaned my faux antiqued mirror against the wall and placed a piece of anti-slip drawer liner under it to prevent it from sliding and crashing to the floor.

I love the results. The mirror reflects beautiful flowers from the garden and by keeping the dresser free of clutter, it makes the space feel light, fresh and airy. Another successful DIY, the mirror fits right in with the coastal/beachy feel of the newly decorated master bedroom.

Antiqued mirror

Mirror antiqued at cottage
Do you have any DIY projects planned this summer?

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