How DécoScrews™ compare with traditional screws

DécoScrews™ are designed for picture hanging. They have several unique features that make them easy to use so you get a great result. Here’s a few of the ways that they are different from other screws out there.

An image showing a Decoscrew and a regular screw in a cross section of drywall so you can see how they are designed differently.

A screw and an anchor in one

The first thing you’ll notice is that the DécoScrew looks stubbier than most screws. This is because the shaft of the screw has been designed to work like a wall anchor and a screw in a single piece.

The conical profile of the thread of the screw is the secret to the DécoScrew’s strong hold. Unlike regular screws, which create a straight hole in the drywall (think of a tunnel) that all of the threads fit into, the DécoScrew creates a cone-shaped hole in the drywall as it goes in. This means that each part of the threads are in fresh drywall, which makes it super secure.

Note:  DécoScrews are made to hang wall decor that is flat to the wall, we do not recommend they be used to hang items that cantilever out from the wall, such as floating shelves.

Two different images of the decoscrew showing different features: a strong tip to designed to pierce paint and drywall to make it easy to screw in and the head of the decoscrew where you can use a phillips or flat screwdriver to install

No messy holes to drill

Unlike a traditional combination of anchor plus screw, you do not need to pre-drill any big holes into your drywall to use DécoScrews. The sharp tip of the screw helps to punch a small hole through the paint into the drywall, and you can use a standard #2 Phillips or flathead screwdriver to screw it into the wall.

When you remove the DécoScrew  you leave nothing behind in the wall, which makes patching it a breeze. Removing a screw and anchor, on the other hand, often results in a much bigger hole and more damage to the wall.

a picture of the features showing the unique head shape on deco screw that holds hanging hardware securely and then 4 pictures of the screw with the hanging hardware including a keyhole hanger, picture wire, a D-ring hanger and a

Designed for picture hanging

The head of the DécoScrew was designed specifically for securely hanging your wall art, whether it uses picture wire, D-Ring, sawtooth or keyhole hangers. The wide skirt at the back of the head sits flush against the wall, and distributes the weight of the item over a larger surface area, preventing damage to the wall. 

The front of the head is slightly larger than the neck in order to capture the hanging hardware and ensure it doesn’t come off the screw. Prior to installing the screw in the wall, check to make sure that the thickness or the size of the specific hanging hardware on your piece allows it to sit securely on the screw head.

Made for drywall

The reason that these screws hold so well is that they are able to securely seat themselves in standard drywall. It is not recommended that they be used in solid walls or in plaster walls. These surfaces are much more brittle than drywall and so are likely to crack as the screws are being installed, and not hold as securely. There are special fasteners designed for these hard surfaces and we recommend you use those for best results.

Patents protect customers

Protecting our products with patents is an important way that we can protect our customers. When you purchase a UTR Decorating product you can be confident it will work exactly as intended and you get the true value and full benefits of our design features. It also helps customers be sure they are purchasing an authentic product in the marketplace and not an inferior counterfeit. Find out more here.

Part of the picture hanging system

All of our wall décor products are designed to work together to create a system that allows you to quickly and accurately hang wall décor in exactly the right spot, without any guessing, measuring or mistake holes.

Use the Hang & Level™ picture hanging tool to mark exactly where the DécoNail™ goes into the wall. Once you have installed the DécoNail into the wall, your picture will hang in exactly the same spot, every time. 

Decorating, simplified™

We love making it easier for everyone to decorate their homes. Since designing the first Hang & Level we’ve created a full line of products that help save time, walls and even relationships. When the decorating process is simplified, it becomes easy to Create the home you love™

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