How to Hang Posters Without Putting Holes in Your Walls

Deco Magnets never damage your wall or your poster

We've seen our fair share of posters over the years: movie posters, music posters, horse posters, cat posters and Barbie posters. When you have kids, poster hanging is like a rite of passage. Each time a new poster emerged, we'd worry about our walls while the kids worried about damaging their precious posters. So is a win-win possible? How do you hang posters (or anything light for that matter) without damaging your walls – or your posters?

Hanging light things shouldn’t be a problem, right? We just bought this pretty fruit trio to inject a bit of color fun into our space. When it was time to hang it, we didn’t want to use thumb tacks because we would end up with holes in the posters and walls. Rolled up tape or sticky tack were also out of the question because of the nasty residue they leave behind.

It was important for us to keep the fruit art in pristine condition because we plan to frame and hang the three images eventually when we find the right sized frames. That's where DécoMagnets come in. They’re the little black top hats seen in this picture below and they are wall savers.

Deco Magnets never damage your wall or your poster

DécoMagnets come with a round silver disc and a magnet (available in black or white). Also included is a transparent pick used to perfectly remove the discs from the walls. 

Deco Magnets never damage your wall or your poster

As you’ll see in this short video, it’s very easy to use DécoMagnets – and the best part is that they won’t damage walls or posters. Take a look:

No one likes doing any damage, perfectionists or not. Although they’re only posters, we still like to line them up evenly, just like we do here:

Deco Magnets never damage your wall or your poster

Have a hard time making up your mind about most things? That's us too. Good thing DécoMagnets let us switch up our posters whenever we want, even if it's just the order of the gallery wall. This is a huge plus considering we like our spaces to reflect our current styles and seasons. Once the posters were lined up, all we did is remove the magnets to change up the fruits while the discs stayed in place. There was no reason to move any of the discs because they were already in the perfect spot. 

Switching art is easy with Deco Magnets

The small round discs gently stick to the wall to hold things up. When you’re ready to remove them, use the clear pick to peel them off. Don’t worry – there won’t be any sticky residue left on your walls or posters, and it won’t remove the paint like other products do. That’s why we love these little magnets so much. 

Deco Magnets never damage your wall or your poster

DécoMagnets come in black or white. We tried both colors with the fruit art and both looked really good. They’re neutral in color, so they’ll look stylish with any décor and art. It’s just a matter of preference.  

Deco Magnets never damage your wall or your posterDeco Magnets never damage your wall or your poster

We bought this fun and playful art to add color to our space – and does it ever! They look even more vibrant on the walls than they did in the store. This is the type of whimsical art that would look great in a kitchen or dining room and they might even be a great incentive to eat more fruit.

Deco Magnets never damage your wall or your poster

Don't let the fear of holes set you back from expressing yourself. Decorate your spaces the way you want to without any hassle, just ease. Shop our online store to hang posters today.

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