Fall table setting

Thanksgiving fall

If you’re expecting guests for dinner over the weekend and you want to dress up your dining table with fall in mind, here’s a look that is simple, gorgeous, and easy to replicate.

Here’s what we did:

1. The color palette for our table setting was inspired by these Merimekko napkins we already had. We liked how fresh the green looked when paired with black and white.

2. We covered our table with a simple white tablecloth, which is the perfect neutral background and gives the feeling of being at a fancy restaurant. It also allows you to add in lots of colour with your dinnerware and accessories without worrying about too much clashing. We used fresh greenery in clear vases as the starting point for our centerpiece. Clear vases allow you to see the flower stems and keep the display light and airy from a visual perspective.

Thanksgiving fall

3. We used some Washi tape to fancy up the glass vases. This low-adhesive tape can easily be removed afterwards without damaging your vases.

4. These glass candlesticks that we bought at the Dollar Store add some bling and height to the table setting.

5. We used mini white pumpkins as place card holders. To make your own, simply use a utility knife to make a cut in the stem and then insert the name card in the slit. We printed off the name cards on card stock, but you can also hand print them, which will be just as beautiful. To complete the look, we punched circles out of colored paper that matched our color scheme and spread them around the table.

…and Voilà, you’re done!

This centerpiece will last for weeks and will look terrific on your dining table for everyday use without the bling or tablecloth.

The Thanksgiving display will last for weeks and will look terrific on your dining table for everyday use.

This table setting would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, your table would definitely make a great first impression.