Enjoy Your Front Porch… In Privacy!

Porch privacy screen

Does close proximity to your neighbors stop you from enjoying your front porch? The solution is easy: build a privacy screen.

Whether you live in a house, condo, apartment, or are relaxing at the cottage, privacy is a concern for most of us. And it’s not limited to the front porch, there’s also the back deck to think about. I want to share what my husband and I did to create more privacy on our own porch while also jazzing it up so the area would be more inviting, comfortable, and most importantly, private while we sip on a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

What we did:

Porch before & after

  • We bought a panel of white plastic lattice at Home Depot. It came in a 4X8 foot sheet.
  • We cut it in two equal size panels to match the length of the railing and centered the panels over the railing.  Cutting it in two pieces made it more attractive and stronger.  If we had left it as a single piece it would have been too big and flimsy on windy days or it could sag, ripple or warp.
  • We built a frame for each panel with plastic moulding caps, which created the necessary structural integrity for the panels.  (See pictures below).

About the lattice:

Lattice comes in different colors and finishes. We chose white because it matched the house trims and railing. If you can’t find the right color, you can always paint it. We also chose plastic, because it’s light, durable and easy to maintain. Every spring we hose it down and it looks like brand new all over again. It’s also important to think of the pattern for the lattice. Our house is very busy with a vertical railing and horizontal siding and angled decking, so we picked the plain square pattern. Some lattices have tighter patterns, which you might prefer for additional privacy.

Attaching the trellis to the railing:

Porch eyelets & brackets

  • We used hooks and eyelets to secure it at the top.
  • We used solid brackets to attach the bottom of the lattice to the railing.

Decorating your outdoor space:

Porch screen clematis

  • For added privacy, we planted Clematis, which almost covers the entire screen, produces bright flowers, and smells heavenly.
  • Add your favorite furniture and add a pop of color and texture with an outdoor rug and cushions. Voilà, you’re done!

Porch view thru railing

This used to be a space we’d stay away from, but now it has become a favorite spot to enjoy a cup of coffee on sunny mornings.  We’ve truly extended our indoor space, all accomplished on a small budget.

For more great ideas for outdoor spaces, check our Pinterest board. 

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