Different ways to use your Doree™ doorstop

We all need a doorstop at some point. Whether it’s to let in a summer breeze or act as an extra set of hands, there comes a time when you need a door to stay open (or closed). We designed Doree™ to be the easiest doorstop to use with its no-bend installation, and over time we’ve come across a few different ways our customers are using it. Check out these other handy ways you can use a door stop and consider taking Doree along with you.

Doree likes to travel

The next time you are taking a trip, tuck Doree in your suitcase. You can use it on the inside of your hotel room door for added security, or inside the bathroom to keep it closed. Just don’t forget to take it off the door handle when you are packing up.

Doree loves grocery shopping

Take a Doree with you when you go shopping or keep it in your glove compartment. When you come home with your arms full of groceries you can easily drop Doree at the front door to keep it open. With its ‘drop and roll’ no-bend installation, it makes it easy to get all your items inside.

Doree has fun in the dorm

Heading off to college? Pack in a few Doree doorstops to make the move easier. When you're settled in, Doree can also be used from inside the dorm room door or bathroom for more security. Not only does it take care of the doors, but the circular wedge shape makes a great laptop stand in a pinch. Wobbly dorm furniture? No problem - jam it under the offending leg to keep it quiet and steady. 

Wash Doree to refresh the grip

No matter how you use Doree, it’s easy to keep it working. When Doree gets dusty, simply wash it with hot soapy water to restore its grip. And, enjoy using it knowing it's made with hypo-allergenic rubber.

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