Decorating guide for bathroom walls

Every room in the home can be decorated - including the bathroom. Hanging pictures and wall decor is a great way to create spaces you love. In this guide, we’ll show you some easy tips for decorating the walls around the typical features found in bathrooms.

illustrated image of a picture hung above a bathroom tub showing a guideline for picture width and height to hang above the tub

Artwork size and height

Hanging artwork in the bathroom uses the same general approach as hanging in any other part of the home. For example, when hanging above a feature or furniture, we try to select an item or grouping that is ⅔ the width of the feature, such as a vanity, a towel rack or furniture. This way, the two items appear balanced. You can generally hang artwork 8 - 12 inches above a bathroom feature to accommodate using towels or to avoid getting water splashes on it.

Tip: Moisture can affect pictures and canvas art, and most artwork is not protected from getting wet. It’s best to select items that can be easily replaced if they become water damaged, or make sure they are protected against the excess moisture. To learn more about protecting your artwork read our blog post, “How to protect your artwork from damage” here.

Illustration of hanging a picture on the wall behind the mirror so it is reflected in mirror to enjoy while using the sink

Above the sink 

Typically there is a mirror hanging above the sink. Because of a mirror’s reflective properties, it can make a bathroom feel larger. You can also hang art on the wall across from the vanity so you see it when using the sink. Select a single item or grouping that is large enough so its reflection fills a good part of the mirror. Now when you are brushing your teeth you can enjoy the artwork! Hanging art on a wall opposite the sink allows it to be seen and enjoyed from multiple angles in the room. 

an illustration showing to center artwork above a towel bar and hang it high enough so it doesn't get bumped

Above a single towel bar

Use the size and hanging height guidelines above to select your artwork. In the case of a single towel bar, center your item above it. Check a few heights to make sure that when using the towel, the art doesn’t get bumped. 

Tip: We designed a product to keep pictures straight and it’s great for pictures that hang above towel bars or anywhere you want to keep your frames from moving. Place AnchorPoints™ on the bottom two corners of the picture. Hang the frame with a picture fastener, level it and then push the AnchorPoints into the drywall. No more crooked pictures!

Two illustrations showing two ways to hang pictures when you have 2 or more towel bars e.g. a picture above each bar or a grouping of pictures centered over both bars

Above 2 or more towel bars

If you have more than one towel bar next to each other, then you have some options. You can select a picture centered above each bar, or a variety of pictures or other wall decor items grouped together in a single footprint, that is centered over the combined bars. 

An illustration showing how to hang a picture above a toilet - use artwork the width of the toilet

Decorating by a toilet

There are a couple of locations to consider with the toilet - above the tank and on the wall opposite. Generally, a tall narrow item about the width of the widest part of the toilet will look best. If you hang decor that is too wide, it can look out of balance because it appears too top heavy. The wall behind a toilet can often be tall and narrow, so there are different ways you can fill this space. Consider hanging two or three items vertically to get the height you want.

If a wall is empty across from the toilet, it can be nice to add some decor there. Again, choose art that is around the width of the toilet. You may want to hang the item a bit lower, so that it can be easily viewed while seated. 

Tip: If you are hanging art lower than standing height in a bathroom, check it with the other wall decor and bathroom features to make sure it fits in. Trust your instincts as to whether it adds to the look and feel of the room. If you have multiple pieces around the room, it’s best that the horizontal centerlines are all at the same height for a consistent look.

Two illustrations showing how to hang a single picture or grouping of pictures above a tub - the width of picture(s) required and the height to hang them.

Above the tub

Art in a tub area can really add to the relaxing ambiance. If this is the feel you want to embellish, then decorate the wall so the art can be seen while bathing. Make sure to hang it high enough so that it doesn’t get water splashed on it. And, choose items that can be easily replaced if they get damaged by the moisture.

 Illustration showing how to hang pictures behind a door in a bathroom.

Behind the door

Here’s a spot you may never have considered decorating before, but it can be a really nice surprise when using the bathroom with the door closed. Assess the width of the wall behind the door and use the size guidelines to select the single piece or grouping to fit the wall space. 

Tip: make sure there is a door stopper installed so the door doesn’t bang the art. Pictures in this location are another good use for AnchorPoints!

How you decorate your walls depends on what brings you joy. Try out these guidelines and see how they work for you. The final decision is yours - whatever you like the best is the way to go! Happy decorating!

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