Decorate your outdoor space with mirrors

When the warm weather starts arriving, it’s only natural to feel it’s time to decorate your outdoor space. So, draw on your indoor decorating skills to create a comfortable and welcoming outdoor space to enjoy with family and friends, or just unwinding by yourself. Mirrors, traditionally used inside, have the same effect outside. They’re the perfect way to create interest on a terrace, deck or garden.

A few inspirational looks….

Grouping mirrors together
Reflect daylight, plants and trees on a large blank wall of your terrace with a grouping of identical round mirrors. Displayed in a grouping with exposed hardware, they add movement and nicely counter balance the oversized furniture.

  • It’s all about showing off the hanging hardware. Choose decorative cords or chains as well as fun hooks or knobs for maximum effect.
  • Safety is key when hanging a mirror. Be sure it’s properly supported and fastened securely to avoid an accident.
  • No worries about the mirrors getting damaged by the rain as they are completely under cover.

Outdoor living room
This look is all about extending your indoor living space outdoors by creating a cozy sitting arrangement similar to what you would find in your home. The large rectangular mirror above the couch breaks up the busy pattern of the fence while reflecting the sunlight, and house and candle light at night.

  • Safety is key when hanging a mirror. Be sure it’s properly supported and fastened securely to avoid an accident.
  • Install a D-ring on either side of the mirror and fasten the screws directly into the fence.
  • For additional safety, run a piece of wood along the bottom of the mirror to support the bulk of the weight.
  • If the neighbors can see the back of the mirror, paint it the same color of the fence to help it blend in.

Create an illusion
This trompe à l’oeil gives the illusion of a door into the garden. On a closer look you’ll see that there’s no door at all but a tall mirror leaning against the brick wall reflecting a trellis and greenery from across the garden. The mirror makes the small garden appear bigger than it is and is also ideal to brighten a dark corner of your yard.

  • Simply lean the mirror against the brick wall.
  • Disguise the bottom edge of the mirror with small garden rocks or plants to make it look as real as possible.
  • A perfect way to attract more sunlight for plants located on the north side of a garden.

Important note: 
Please use caution when choosing where to place mirrors outdoors.  To avoid potential injury to birds, mirrors are best placed out of flight paths or on sheltered patios.  Avoid tall open areas.

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