Déco Nails: Specifically Designed to Hang Art

You can trust these strong and stylish nails with your artwork. They were specifically designed to hang pictures and can hold up to 20 lbs each.

When hanging pictures it’s important to choose nails you can trust to hold your artwork. That’s why we designed the Déco Nail’s unique head to prevent any picture hardware from slipping off. Use them to securely hang pictures, mirrors, clocks, or any other wall décor you may have. Déco Nails can support up to 20 lbs.

Watch this short video (less than 60 seconds) to learn how to use these strong and stylish nails.

Déco Nails are specifically designed to hand artwork. They can securely hold up to 20 lbs.To see a list of stores selling our Déco Nails, please click here.

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Liette Tousignant

Interior decorator turned inventor turned entrepreneur.