Custom Framing a Vacation Souvenir

Years ago, my husband, kids and I traveled to Europe. Since we were traveling “light” I only bought small souvenirs from each place we visited. This one is one of my favorites. It’s a handmade ceramic tile depicting a street, where we happened to stay, in the city of Bruges in Belgium.

Once back home, I looked for a ready-made frame to showcase the tile, but I simply couldn’t find the right one. I stopped by a custom framing shop to get some advice and the owner (James) was so helpful that I ended up having my tile custom framed. To get started, I shared the following information with him to make sure he would recommend frames and colors that would meet my needs.

  • I wanted a large frame to give the small delicate tile more presence on the wall
  • I didn’t want glass covering the tile
  • I was looking for frames that were timeless as opposed to trendy
  • The framed tile would hang in my office on a black feature wall
  • And of course I shared what my budget was

With this information in mind, James showed me several looks, and recessing the tile in a shadow box turned out to be the look that I liked the most as it truly enhanced the beauty of the tile. We picked the colors for the layered frames based on themes found in the painted tile. When I saw the final look, I couldn’t believe how the tile had completely been transformed from a simple souvenir into a real piece artwork.

Custom framing art

How I hung it:

  • I taped the information of the boutique and artist on the back of the frame as a reminder of our stay in Bruges
  • I placed very thin rubber bumpers on the bottom corners to keep the frame straight on the wall and to prevent it from scratching the wall
  • I used one of our Déco Nails to hang it — the wire fits nicely in the groove of the nail and keeps it secured to the wall
  • Note that because the tile is recessed the shadow box pops away from the wall, so I hung the frame on a wall where it can be enjoyed when looking at it straight on rather than from the wall

In the end, custom framing ended up costing more than buying a ready-made frame, but considering all the great memories attached to this vacation souvenir it was well worth the expense.  I love the fact that I have a very unique, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Do you have any vacation souvenirs or photos that you had professionally framed?

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