Creating a headboard with pictures

If you don’t have a headboard, don’t worry – you can create one with pictures. It can be a temporary solution if you’ll be moving or adding a headboard later. Or, you might just like it so much that you’ll decide to keep it that way. It’s also stylish and inexpensive. I created this headboard display using pretty white frames in the master bedroom of our cottage.

We recently did a major renovation and since I couldn’t find a headboard I liked, I hung picture frames. This will decorate the space until I find the right headboard. Since all the walls, bedding and some of the furniture are white, a white gallery wall was the perfect choice to complete the calm and peaceful look I was after.

The very first thing you need to do is to place your bed exactly where you want it. Keep in mind that if you want to center your frames with your bed, once the frames are hung, moving your bed will throw off your display. Next, set the frames on the floor or bed to determine the order to display them.
Master bedroom
To figure out the hanging height for your frames, place your tallest pillow on the bed and mark that spot with a piece of painter’s tape. If you like sitting in bed to read, hang your frames high enough to avoid leaning on them when reading. I also marked the center of the bed with tape to mark to middle of my display.
Master bedroom


Here’s how I hung each frame:

1.  I started with the bottom row and hung the middle frame using Hang & Level. I hung it slightly higher than the “pillow marker tape” to allow some wall space between the pillows and the arrangement.
2. I centred the second frame above the one already on the wall.
3. I hung the third one on the right and centered it with the 2 frames already on the wall, leaving about 2 inches between each frame.
4. Moving to the left, I hung the bottom frame and lined up its bottom with the frame on the right.
5. I lined up the last frame with the ones beside and below it. That’s it!

Tip: When I hang pictures (by myself most of the time), I use a large serving tray to put all the nails, screws, hammer, measuring tape, picture hanging tool and other things I need. It saves me time as everything is at an arm’s reach.

Master bedroom

Ta da!  Once all the pillows and cushions are in place, the arrangement looks perfect. It’s close enough to the bed to create the illusion of a headboard and far enough to allow some breathing space between all the frames and the top of the pillows.

Master bedMaster bed

I’m very happy with the results. The white frames and mats blend in with the white walls allowing the black and white prints to be the focal point. Keeping the art neutral allowed me to play with patterns and colors without worrying about clashing. This bedroom is very Zen inspired – the soft whites and uncluttered space are conducive to a good night of sleep, which I really need. Good night!

Master bedMaster bed

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