Budget-Friendly Drawer Knobs Makeover
Drawer knobs before


I’m always amazed by how quickly you can change the look of something with a simple coat of paint.  Here’s the desk and counter in our project room at our office. We wanted to jazz up the blue knobs without spending much money. We’re leasing the space so we can’t make any major changes, but we wanted to do something so that the knobs didn’t stick out as much.  The solution?  Paint.

Drawer knobs after


Here’s the final look. As you can see, the newly painted knobs blend into the white desk and don’t attract as much attention. They almost disappear — which is exactly what we wanted. Other than the paint, and a bit of elbow grease and time, this little DIY project barely cost anything at all.

Want to give this DIY a try?  Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Paint (we used leftover eggshell latex paint)
  • Sand paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Masking tape

Time: a couple of hours (depends on drying time)

Here’s what we did:

We wanted the knobs to blend in with the desk so we painted them a light colour and since matching whites is nearly impossible we didn’t even try.  Instead, we used a greyish-white paint that was leftover from painting the walls.

As you see below, the knobs had been painted several times.  No need for priming or sanding, we’ll save the sanding for last.

Drawer knob green:blue


The first step was to wrap a piece of masking tape around the screws on the bottom of each knob.  We’re going to use this to hang them to dry once we’re finished painting.  Then we gave the knobs two light coats of paint to cover the dark blue (you don’t want the paint to accumulate in blobs on the knobs).

Drawer knob paint brush
To dry, we taped each knob to the reception desk so that the wet paint wouldn’t touch any surface.  Cute!  They looked like a row of upside-down mushrooms.
Drawer knobs drying Post image
After 2 coats of paint this is what it looked like:

Drawer knob done

Once they were completely dry, we screwed all the knobs back onto the drawers, gently sanded the tops and gave them a final touch of paint to make the tops nice and shiny.

Drawer knob sanding

Is this a project you would do to an old desk or dresser?

Drawer knobs final
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