Behind the Scenes at a UTR Photo Shoot

We just had a very busy, albeit incredibly fun, week at Under The Roof Decorating. We’re in the process of introducing new products to the market, so several photos of new products, and pictures for our “How to Use” product segments needed to be taken, which we took care of last week.

A lot of creative process goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot. So much thought and planning goes into those sessions, as you don’t want to miss any key pictures or steps for the “How Tos.” We needed to create a lot of lists: pictures needed for each product, items needed (frames, screws, hammer, wire), and many more.  Then we have to worry about the cameras needed, lighting… it’s a lot to take care of!

We’re happy to report that everything went without a hitch and soon we’ll be sharing new snapshots with you! Until then, take a look at these behind the scenes shots from our shoot:

Liette getting ready for the photo shoot: a little hairspray to get rid of the fly-away hair.

Photo shoot LT hairspray

Mike Kurtz, our design director, taking the first snapshots to get an idea of lighting and see if anything needs adjusting.

Photo shoot MK & LT

“Hold still, it looks great!”

Photo shoot Hold still

“A little lower to the left. No, to the right. Perfect! Hold still,” says Mike.

Photo shoot - leveling frame

Reviewing pictures as we go! This is a key step when taking product photos.

Photo shoot reviewing pictures