Decorate Your Walls With Large Canvas Art

If you’re on a budget, pressed for time or if your house is in desperate need of an instant facelift – update it with art. I recently visited 5 show suites in a brand new condo development that were so beautifully decorated with art that I asked if I could take pictures to share with you. Most of the art was large canvas. The beauty of decorating with canvas is that it’s affordable, there’s no glass to worry about and it’s easy to hang. 

Keep in mind that the following pictures were taken from 5 different condo units. Let’s start the tour – bedrooms first.

Soothing Blues

Blue canvas to match the blue wallSoft colors

I’m showing the headboard wall for you to see that the colour blue was carried to the opposite wall to complement the blue wallpaper. The two canvas are identical and hung close together to create the illusion of one large piece – a simple and impactful decorating trick. I love using blue in a bedroom; it’s calming and relaxing. No wonder it’s one of the best colors to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Bright & Modern 

Bold colors

What a happy and sunny bedroom! The colors of the floral pillows match the ones in the modern art – and the patterns although very different are surprisingly complementary. The mustard yellow pillows and bedding are the perfect accent color to keep the bedroom bright and cheerful.

Black & White 

To make this small bedroom look bigger, the designer completely mirrored the feature wall. In addition to making the space look larger, it reflects daylight and the art from across the bed. Notice how the canvas is centered with the foot of the bed, rather than on the wall. Hanging the canvas at this height anchors it to the bed, which is the right height to enjoy it. The black and white color combination is sophisticated, chic and timeless. (Even though the canvas looks to have blue tones, it’s really all black.)

Yellow & Grey 

Yellow throughout different rooms

What I love the most about this look is how the splatter paint canvas completely disrupts the symmetrical lines of the wallpaper. One of the reasons the two go so well together is because they share the same yellow and grey. The abstract canvas ties in perfectly with the modern and bright bedroom we talked about above, and seen on the right in this image. You would have to appreciate and love modern décor to live in this unit.

Blue Velvet Couch

When I walked in, I went “Wow!” The colors of the canvas echo the ones of the couch and cushions. The eyes naturally flow from the big canvas down the vertical lines of the symmetrically placed throws. Smart! I can’t think of a better color match. I’d describe the overall look as “contemporary elegance”. Note how the large canvas is anchored to the couch and centred.

Nude Art  

A nude in the living room might make some blush – but in this “girly” decorated condo the grey and blush canvas fits right in. The look is artsy and would not offend anyone. Opposite the nude, a large white canvas is perfectly centered on the wall. The roving paint splatter art adds just the right dose of black to visually ground the all white space.

Black Leather Couch

If you like black and white, you’d love this condo. The art is bold and works well with the stylish leather couch and skull throw cushion. Abstract art and décor are great conversation pieces; let people interpret what they see and feel. Speaking of which, I think the art looks like a hashtag, or maybe I spend too much time on social media. You probably can’t tell from the photo, but it’s actually 2 pieces hung very close together creating the illusion of one large canvas.

The Cow

Moo! There’s a cow in the dining room. This canvas made me smile and laugh. I would have never thought of hanging cow art in my house, but now that I’ve seen it – I want one. It’s quirky and playful. The faux wall divides the eating area and small living room where the same yellow is carried through to unite the 2 spaces. On a picture hanging note, the canvas hangs a few inches above the table – perfect to be viewed from a sitting position without having to look up.

As shown, with art, you can easily create a focal point in a room lacking one, enhance furniture pieces and add personality to your space. The best part is that you don’t need a ton of cash to do that – nowadays you can easily find a large canvas for $100 or less.

First impressions matter, I hope these pictures inspire you to create a memorable first impression with your art. Trust me, your friends will notice your art first, not your paint color.

Which look is your favourite?

P.S. As for hanging your art, head to our blog to find easy tips on how to hang a large canvas, and information about our CanvasHangers designed specifically to hang different sizes of canvas.

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