Back to school made easy—with DécoMagnets™!


This is an unprecedented time for everyone. Whether your children are going off to school in the fall or studying from home, DécoMagnets™ can help to create the perfect work environment. 

It can be challenging to hang things in a dorm room without damaging the walls. DécoMagnets are easily removable, and won’t take off your paint or create holes in the walls. 

decorated student desk

These are just some of the things you can hang with DécoMagnets. We chose a calendar, artwork, and some posters, but you could also hang photographs, schedules, or lists.

    Using DecoMagnets to hang a poster

    Using DécoMagnets is easy


    1. Place a metal disc on the back of your poster and a magnet on the front.

    2. Peel the clear backing off the disc.

    3. Position your art on the wall and push to stick.

    girl sitting at desk

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    Stay healthy, be kind and help where you can. Express your creativity and together, we’ll learn to adapt and co-create a better world.

    -The UTR Team 

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