We're always looking to develop new products that solve problems and help make life easier.

If you have an innovative product idea you think we should consider, we'd love to hear about it. We have the knowledge and expertise to turn creative ideas into real products. We understand how it feels to have an idea and not know where to take it or what to do next. 

We also take your legal rights very seriously, which is why we have a specific process for new idea submission. If you have a product idea, it can be patented, patent pending or not, send an email to ideas@utrdecorating.com    with the following:

Your Name
Your Company Name (optional)
Your Address

We will send you a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for you to sign and return prior to sending us your idea. Even if it is patented or patent pending, the NDA is used to protect both parties, and it is also a demonstration of our commitment to ethical business practices. 

Share your ideas, we're listening!

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