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The easiest way to hang a canvas in drywall

  • Place a CanvasHanger in each top corner and secure to the frame by hammering the outer pins in
  • Hang your canvas visually; Find the perfect spot on the wall, and push the top corners into the wall to hang it
  • Canvas rests flush against the wall and stays firmly in place, even in high traffic areas
  • Pins can be removed and safely stored in the hangers when moving or storing art
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CanvasHangers™ are the best way to hang canvas. Period.

CanvasHangers are designed to make it quick and easy to securely hang any size canvas art in drywall. Achieve a professional look in minutes. The canvas sits flush on the wall and holds firmly, even in high traffic areas.

Installation is a breeze
CanvasHangers™ come ready to install on the top two corners on the back of your canvas, all you need is a hammer. Install the hangers onto the frame using the two outer nails. With the center pin pointing outwards to the wall your canvas is ready to hang.
Hang your canvas visually
Take all the guesswork out of hanging your canvas in the perfect spot by hanging it visually. The MiniLevel™ included in the bundle has an adhesive face which allows you to stick it onto the top of the canvas without worrying about it falling off.

Take your canvas over to where you want to hang it, and move it around until you find the perfect spot. Make sure that the canvas is level, and then firmly push the top two corners of the canvas to anchor it into the wall. It’s that easy.
Hang your canvas with confidence
CanvasHangers are designed to be used in drywall; they will work with any size canvas and can hold up to 20 lbs (9 kg). The hangers are designed to make your canvas sit flush to the wall for that professional look, and because there are two pins used, it also means that the canvas will not move, even in high traffic areas or when you are dusting.
Create a gallery in minutes
Hanging multiple canvases together is an easy way to create an impressive focal point for any room and this bundle makes it simple. The reusable SpacerStrips™ are a fast and easy way to make spacing between the canvases consistent. They have a low tack adhesive so they stick to the wall when you are installing your canvas, and then remove cleanly when you are done. Together with the MiniLevel and CanvasHangers, you have all the products that work together to create a canvas gallery in minutes.
Store it safely, ready to rehang
When it comes time to move or switch your art aroundyou can take down your canvas and store it easily and safely. To remove the canvas, slowly pull the bottom edge out from the wall until the pins at the top come out of the wall.

Snap the center pins out of the hangers and store them in the body of the hanger using the hole in the side. Your canvas is now safe to move or store. When you are ready to hang it up again, simply pull the center pins out of their storage hole and snap them back into the center of the hanger. Your canvas is ready to hang in it’s new spot.
Product FAQ
Q: How do you install CanvasHangers™? A: Install two CanvasHangers™ per canvas, in the top two corners of the frame. Place the CanvasHanger on the back of the frame until it’s firmly located in the corner. Hammer the two outer nails of the hanger into the wooden canvas frame. Q: How many CanvasHangers™ do I use on each canvas? A: Our CanvasHangers™ are designed to work using two hangers, one in each of the top corners of your framed canvas. Q: How do I remove my canvas with CanvasHangers™ from the wall without damaging it? A: To remove your canvas hung with CanvasHanger™ from the wall, pull the bottom edge of the canvas gently away from the wall an inch or so until you can reach under the edge of the sides of the canvas and pull it out directly from the wall. Q: Can I rehang my canvas with CanvasHangers™ in the same place? A: Yes. In some cases you may want to remove your canvas and then hang it in the same place using the same holes. If the holes are undamaged, you can use the same ones to securely re-hang the canvas. An easy way to do it is to get the first corner into the hole which you can usually do by looking at it from the side and eyeing it. Once that side is in, gently pivot the canvas around that hook to feel for the second hole and once you feel it, push it in. Q: Will CanvasHangers™ hold a large canvas? A: We have designed our CanvasHangers™ to hold any size canvas including large ones over 60” wide, assuming they are under the recommended 20 lb weight limit. Most canvases, including very large ones, are well under that weight. Q: Can CanvasHangers™ be used on other things? A: Our CanvasHangers™ are designed specifically to be the easiest and most secure way to hang framed canvas art, and we cannot recommend that they be used to hang other types of art. Q: What size CanvasHangers™ do I need? A: Our patented CanvasHangers™ come in two sizes depending if they are purchased as a single pair (2 pcs) or as a project pack of 3 pairs (6 pcs). They both work exactly the same and hold the same amount of weight. Q: Can CanvasHangers™ be used on all 4 corners? A: Our CanvasHangers™ are designed to work using two hangers, one in each of the top corners of your framed canvas. Adding two additional hangers to the bottom corners of the canvas will not significantly increase the amount of weight that you can hang on them, however if your canvas is bowed slightly, they may help secure the corners to the wall to flatten the canvas. Q: Can CanvasHangers™ be used in wood instead of drywall? A: Our CanvasHangers™ are specifically designed to be used in drywall, and because the hardness of wooden surfaces can vary tremendously, we cannot recommend that they be used on wooden surfaces. Q: Where can I get replacement pins for my CanvasHangers™? A: Please contact info@utrdecorating.com regarding any problems with broken or missing product enquiries. Q: How do I store the CanvasHanger™ pins when I take down my canvas? A: Our CanvasHangers™ are designed to make storing the pins when not in use safe and convenient. After removing your canvas from the wall, simply snap the pin housing out of the hanger and store it by pushing the metal end of the pin into the hole beside the pin clip, until the pin housing is secure. Q: How do I level my canvas before I push the pins into the drywall? A: It’s easy to eyeball if your canvas art is level when using CanvasHangers™. If you prefer, use a level placed in the middle of the top edge of the canvas to get it perfectly straight. Check our DécoEssentials™ if you want to purchase a picture hanging level. Q: How do I straighten a crooked canvas using CanvasHangers™? A: If your canvas is not hanging perfectly straight, you can adjust it on the wall by gently pulling one of the corners out of the wall, leaving the other one in the wall. Add a level to the top of the canvas and pivot the canvas on the wall until it’s straight, then push the corner back into the wall.

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