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Picture Hanging Kits

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Picture Hanging Kits
  • Takes the frustration out of picture hanging
  • Works with all types of hanging hardware, including:  keyhole, picture wire, D-ring & sawtooth
  • Secure hold for items up to 30 lbs 
  • Resealable, reusable storage containers
  • DécoNails™ designed for securely hanging pictures
  • DécoScrews™ a screw and anchor in one
  • DécoHooks™ no tools needed
  • AnchorPoints™ keep your frames straight
  • DécoHammer™ perfect for picture hanging & precision jobs
  • MiniLevel™ sticks to your frame with reusable adhesive
  • SpacingStrips™ space your frames perfectly, without damaging your walls
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These kits have everything you need to securely hang your stuff

Here’s a collection of our most useful tools and hangers all in a convenient to store, resealable package. They work together to give you the flexibility needed to keep up with your creative style, and to discover the joy in decorating.

Decorating made easy
These kits have you covered
When it’s time to hang up your artwork, choose from three different hangers which will securely hang your décor, up to 30lbs. Once you’ve got everything in the right place, make sure it stays there using the included AnchorPoints™.
Hang it straight, space it right
No matter what you are hanging on your wall, making sure it’s straight is essential. The MiniLevel included in these kits will make sure your art isn’t crooked. Use the SpacingStrips™ to make sure that the spaces between your pieces are uniform. Both of these items are reusable, and have a gentle adhesive that will not damage your artwork or your walls.
Store it right where you need it
Whether it’s the 33 piece or 40 piece kit including our DécoHammer, our most useful tools and hangers come all in a convenient to store, resealable package.
A size for every project
Both of our picture hanging kits are an excellent way to sample all of UTR’s innovative products in one package. Both include samples of our DécoNails™ in both head shapes, our 20lb DécoHooks™, DécoScrews™ as well as our SpacerStrips™ and MiniLevel.

The 40 pc kit includes additional nails and screws as well as our DécoHammer™ designed for picture hanging and other small projects around the house.
Works together to make picture hanging easy
All of our products are designed to work together to create a system that allows you to quickly and accurately hang wall décor in exactly the right spot, without any guessing, measuring or mistake holes.

Use the Hang & Level picture hanging tool to mark exactly where the DécoNail, DécoHook or DécoScrew goes into the wall. Once you have installed the hanger into the wall, your picture will hang in exactly the same spot, every time!

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