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DécoHooks™ 20 lbs

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Hang stuff securely, without any tools

  • Hang wall decor securely in drywall
  • Easy to install - No tools required
  • Patented head design prevents hardware from falling off: Works with picture wire, D-rings, sawtooth hooks and keyhole hangers
  • Hang up to 20 lbs (9 kg) on a single hook
  • Perfect for hanging pictures, clocks, mirrors and other wall decor in drywall
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DécoHooks™ are easy to install with no tools required.

DécoHooks™ are designed to install in drywall quickly without any tools. The patented head design ensures that your wall décor is always secure.

Hang in drywall—no tools needed
DecoHooks make it easy to hang your wall décor in drywall, without any tools. Push and twist the hook into the drywall, then simply turn the hook upright and push it in until its head is flush against the wall.
More secure than a regular nail
Thanks to its curved shape, the tip of the wire part of the DécoHook™ presses against the back of the drywall giving the hook a strong hold to safely secure your item to the wall.

Please note that these hooks require that the area behind the drywall where they are being installed has room for the hook, so they cannot be installed over top of a wall stud, or in plaster walls.
Designed to be versatile and secure
DécoHooks come in two head shapes: small and large. They are designed to work with all types of hanging hardware including: picture wire, sawtooth hooks, D-rings and keyhole hangers. The small head is particularly well suited to work with D-rings and keyhole hangers. The large head works best for picture wire and sawtooth hangers.

Select the head size you need for the item you are hanging. No matter which version you select, the head is designed to hold your décor securely up to 20 lbs.
The patented design of the DécoHook head creates a groove in between the back of the head and the wall to make sure whatever you hang on it, stays there.
Removing and reusing is quick and easy
Removing DécoHooks is as simple as pulling it out in the reverse way that it was installed, and it only leaves a tiny hole. If you need a little help to get it started, slide the tip of a hammer claw under the head, and gently pry it away from the wall to get extra finger grip. Now you can use your fingers to pull it out the rest of the way.

DécoHooks are reusable, so keep them handy until your next picture hanging project.
Works together to make picture hanging easy
All of our wall décor products are designed to work together to create a system that allows you to quickly and accurately hang wall décor in exactly the right spot, without any guessing, measuring or mistake holes.

Use the Hang & Level picture hanging tool to mark exactly where the DécoHook goes into the wall. Once you have installed the DécoHook into the wall, your picture will hang in exactly the same spot, every time.
Product FAQ
Q: How do I install DécoHooks™? A: Our DécoHooks™ are easy to install by hand - no tools required! Simply push the wire end of the hook into the wall and through the drywall, turn the hook so the head is upright, and push it the rest of the way into the wall until the head is flush. Q: How do I remove DécoHooks™? A: To remove our DécoHooks™ picture hanging hooks, simply use the claw end of a hammer underneath the top edge of the head to pop it out of the wall. Once it has come partially out of the wall, use your fingers to pull it out the rest of the way, in the reverse way that it was installed. Q: What is the difference between the 20 lb and 40 lb DécoHooks™? A: Our DécoHooks™ come in two types. Functionally they are identical and both install in exactly the same way. The 40 lb version uses a thicker wire, which gives it double the holding power of the 20 lb version. Q: Can I use DécoHooks™ in the ceiling? A: Our DécoHooks™ are designed to be used in drywall on walls only and cannot be use in the ceiling. We recommend using a fastener that is specifically designed to be used in the ceiling. Q: Will DécoHooks™ work with any kind of hanging hardware? A: The patented shape of the DécoHooks™ heads are designed to work with all common types of hanging hardware, including picture wire, D-Rings, sawtooth hooks and keyhole hangers. Q: Can I use DécoHooks™ on top of a wall stud? A: No. The DécoHook™ requires that the area of the wall directly behind it be free of obstacles such as studs and pipes. The tip of the wire embeds itself into the rear surface of the drywall, which is what gives it its strength. Q: Will DécoHooks™ hold double the weight if you use 2 of them? A: No. While it’s true that hanging an item using two hangers will distribute the weight over two points, which will allow you to hang more weight on them together, it will not double the weight capacity for a single hanger. Always follow the recommended weight limits for the product.

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