Hate picture hanging? Don't worry - we've got your back!

Make your space a reflection of you! We've put together a collection of our favourite products to let you decorate your space without all the hassles, time and frustration of decorating the old fashion way. Here we have everything you need to help Create the home you love™

Hang & Level™ works together with DécoNails, DécoHooks and DécoScrews

Which hanger do i use?

Designed to work together

How do I know what it will look like?

Hang items visually

Hang items visually with Hang & Level™
Image of multiple holes in the wall

I don't want to damage my walls!

Hang it right the first time

Get the look

Professional results

Picture gallery showing even spacing

Picture hanging is stressful!

Save walls, time and relationships

How to use Hang & Level™

Hanging item on the Hang & Level tool

Put your wall décor on the tool

Hang your item on the top hook of the tool. If your frame has a wire, you can use the two hook system to hang it on two nails.

Place your picture in the right spot with Hang & Level

Find the perfect spot

Take the tool and the frame to the wall and move it around to find the perfect spot. The pads on the back of the Hang & Level makes sure you don't scratch up your wall.

Press the button on the Hang & Level tool to mark the spot

Press to mark where the nail goes

When you find the perfect spot, keep the Hang & Level on the wall and remove the item. Press the hook button to mark exactly where the nail goes.

Hang & Level™ with Kit
Hang & Level™ with Kit
Hang & Level™ with Kit
Hang & Level™ with Kit
Hang & Level™ with Kit
Hang & Level™ with Kit
Hang & Level™ with Kit
Hang & Level™ with Kit

Hang & Level™ with Kit

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The complete picture hanging system! Here's everything you need to hang any kind of décor on your walls. Everything from picture frames to canvas and anything in between can be hung with these items.

Included in this bundle:

  • Hang & Level™
  • DécoNails™
  • DécoHooks™
  • DécoScrews™
  • AnchorPoints™
  • DécoHammer™
  • SpacingStrips™
  • Mini Level