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Hang & Level™ with Kit

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The complete picture hanging system! Here's everything you need to hang any kind of décor on your walls. Everything from picture frames to canvas and anything in between can be hung with these items.

Included in this bundle:

  • Hang & Level™
  • DécoNails™
  • DécoHooks™
  • DécoScrews™
  • AnchorPoints™
  • DécoHammer™
  • SpacingStrips™
  • Mini Level
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How to make picture hanging easy? Mark exactly where the nail goes!

Let your walls tell your story! The Hang & Level™ picture hanging tool takes the hassle and frustration out of decorating. You can hang any kind of wall decor quickly and easily, every time.

Hang items visually
With Hang & Level, you see exactly what your frame or other wall decor will look like before you hammer in a single nail.

This makes it super easy to line frames up with other frames, pieces of furniture or architectural detail. Once you can see that it's in the right spot, press the button to mark where the nail goes. It's that simple.
No more mistake holes
The last thing you want are multiple holes in the wall while trying to get that frame in just the right spot.

Once you've found the right place on the wall, Hang & Level will mark the spot. Install your nail directly into the mark and your frame will be where you wanted it, every time.
Hang any kind of wall décor
Hang & Level is not just for pictures, you can use it to hang all kinds of wall décor.

Use the single hook to hang anything with a sawtooth hook, a D-ring, a keyhole or a wire. If you have a picture with wire, you also have the option to use the two hook system for extra security and flexibility.
Let your walls tell a story
Creating gallery walls is easy with Hang & Level. Start at the bottom of your arrangement and work your way up using Hang & Level to place each frame visually in the right spot.

No more measuring and marking your walls.
Save walls, time and relationships
People have told us time and again that they dread hanging stuff on their walls because they always seem to get into a fight with their partners.

With all the right tools at your fingertips, you can spend more time admiring your art and less time figuring out how to get it up there.
About Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products - what you need to know

Counterfeit products are unfortunately becoming a part of the eCommerce landscape, so we’ve put together this page of information to help people avoid buying counterfeit products.

Under The Roof Decorating (UTR) has recently become aware of unauthorized resellers selling a product that appears similar to or indistinguishable from our Hang & Level™ product. These counterfeit products may be using Under The Roof Decorating’s name, copyright, trademarks, patents and other UTR intellectual property. UTR products sold by unauthorized resellers are pirated goods of inferior quality that are not authorized or produced by UTR. These products also infringe on UTR’s intellectual property rights. Please do not purchase unauthorized or counterfeit products. Purchase only genuine Under The Roof Decorating products to ensure quality and your satisfaction.

Why should I care if a product is a counterfeit?

Counterfeit products affect both consumers and manufacturers in a number of ways. For consumers, they are purchasing a product of inferior quality, which may not function correctly, or have broken or missing parts. Counterfeit products are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty, so getting a defective product replaced or refunded is a challenge. For manufacturers, having counterfeit products not only has a financial impact in terms of lost sales, but more importantly, there is a negative impact for our customers and their experience with what they think are legitimate products.

How can I tell if a product is fake?

There are a few things you can do to check to see if the product you are interested in is an authentic one.

Where you buy it

If you are purchasing your product directly from the manufacturer or on a reputable retailer’s website (for example HomeDepot.com), there is a high probability that the product will be authentic.

Purchasing from marketplace sites like Amazon, eBay or Facebook can be more problematic, as the majority of counterfeit products are sold in these channels. 

When in doubt, the original manufacturer will be able to confirm that the reseller is an authorized one, and may also include a list on their website similar to this list of UTR's Authorized Resellers.

The price is too low

While everyone likes to get a good deal, shop around and check the manufacturer’s website to find the regular product price. Most manufacturers have a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy with their authorized resellers to ensure advertised prices do not go below a set price. A deal that is too good to be true can often reveal a counterfeit product.

Customer service

Authentic products have the support of the company behind them. Contact the company directly to get any answers about the product, shipping, price and returns policy. Reviews of the product can also be verified using a site like fakespot.com

What to do if you think you have purchased a counterfeit

If you suspect an item you have purchased is a counterfeit, the first step is to let the store, vendor or manufacturer know about it. Check for a list of authorized resellers on the manufacturer’s website, or contact them to confirm the reseller you purchased from is authorized. If you purchased on a third party website like Amazon etc, they often have a mechanism to quickly report listings you think are fraudulent directly on the site. Look for a link labelled “Report Counterfeits” or something similar, and report the counterfeit.

Counterfeit products affect both buyers and sellers alike, so in order to avoid being disappointed, and to receive the product you intended to, keep the items above in mind, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@utrdecorating.com

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Hang & Level™ with Kit

Hang & Level™ with Kit

$38.98 USD$27.29 USD