Using triple duty furniture in tiny spaces

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If you’re planning to downsize or if you currently live in a challengingly small space, choosing the right furniture is key to keeping your home both comfortable and functional. The art of living large in a small space is dependent on buying pieces that can easily travel from room to room without looking out of place. Here we used a white glossy desk we bought at IKEA and used it for three different stylish purposes: as a hallway table, a dining room table and as a desk. See how using triple duty furniture in tiny spaces can be done without sacrificing style.

Look #1: Hallway table 

The slim desk fits beautifully into this transitional space that opens up to the living room.  It uses minimal floor space and creates the perfect spot to drop keys, mail, a purse or briefcase and other highly used items. Adding baskets under the table would add much needed storage.

Console table

Look #2:  Instant dining room

When guests come over for diner, simply turn the table around and voilà, your dining room table for four, six, or more is ready to be set. Yes, you might touch knees with your guests as the table is fairly narrow, but if you’re all friends, no one will mind.

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Look #3:  The office 

Turn the desk into your very own office by simply adding a couple of folding chairs, a laptop, a lamp, stationary, and other fun accessories — presto, you’re in business. Here we created a vintage look by pairing an old Remington typewriter we picked up at a yard sale with an old-style work lamp and clock.

B&W display 3 pics & desk

A note about decorating with black and white:

We painted all the walls paper clip (a grey/white), which makes the space feel larger than it actually is and creates the perfect neutral background for our accessories. The color scheme also adds a calm, sophisticated, and a modern feel to the whole space. We injected splashes of color with accessories like green apples, purple tulips, and a turquoise folding chair. We decorated the walls with identical black frames and white mats hung perfectly level. The symmetry complements the serene look we’ve created. The overall look is chic and timeless.

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P.S.  If the thought of hanging five picture frames above the table like we did scares you to death, click here to see how we did it. You’ll see, it’s much easier than you think!

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