Tower of Hang & Level Tools Spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond!

BBB H&L tower

We had a nice surprise on a recent visit to the Brentwood Bed Bath & Beyond location in Calgary. We walked in to see our Hang & Level tools rising up to the ceiling in a spectacular tower! It sure made it easy for us to find our tools.

This display was in the frames department towering over the tabletop frames, clocks, and other wall accessories for the home. The bright yellow colors brightened up the whole department and sure makes our Hang & Levels easy to find.

Our tools fit right in at BBB — people can choose the art they need for their walls and can also get the necessary hardware to hang it with. It’s a one-stop shop.

If you happen to see our tools on your next visit to a Bed Bath & Beyond store, please take a snapshot and send it to us. We’d love to see how our tools are displayed in different parts of the country.


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