Tip Tuesday: Travel Safety Door Stop

Pack a Stoppy doorstop when traveling for added security when staying at hotels

Our handy little Stoppy® doorstop is one of the items that is always in my suitcase when I travel. Although a door stop is usually used to prop a door open, I jam it under my closed hotel room door for added security, as it prevents the door from being opened from the outside. It’s inexpensive, takes up little room in a suitcase, and gives me peace of mind and a good night of sleep when I travel. I use it no matter what level of hotel I’m staying in, and of course I use the Stoppy in addition to securing the deadbolt and chain. If you can, I would suggest to bring two Stoppys and use the extra one if you end up in a room with a door to an adjoining guest room that you’d like to secure.

This tip can also help you avoid any embarrassing incidents with the cleaning staff if you forget to hang out the “Do Not Disturb Sign.”

Safe travels everyone!

Liette Tousignant

Interior decorator turned inventor turned entrepreneur.

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